How to make time for P90X

If you really want to transform yourself physically, if you truly want a body that’s in tip-top condition, make time for the P90X workout program.

P90X is a workout program that you can do at home anytime. It only takes one hour per day, and no travel time to the gym is necessary. So take a look at your busy schedule and find an hour that you can use in order to get the healthy, fit, strong, ripped body you’ve always wanted.

Consider doing your P90X Workout in the mornings

Working out in the morning is best. A morning workout jump starts your metabolism so you have more energy all day long.  That’s particularly true of a challenging workout like P90X. Try setting your alarm 70 minutes earlier than usual. That will give you 10 minutes to throw on your workout gear and pop in the P90X workout program before your 60-minute workout.

Does P90X and Mornings Not work for you?

Then exercise as soon as you get home from work or school. Just for one hour, ignore everything else and make your own health and fitness top priority. Do it first thing upon arriving home!  Sure, you have many responsibilities, even after the workday is done. Around mealtimes, family members and friends—even pets—are probably clamoring for your attention. But if you take a P90X timeout for just one hour, you’ll have more energy than ever to meet the demands of others.

You May Find that Late Nights is Best for your P90X Workout

If early morning and after work or school don’t suit you, do the P90X workout at night. After the dishes have been done and the kids have gone to bed, devote one hour to you P90X workout rather than to relaxation.

To free up time during your week for working out, consider these strategies.

Cook on your days off, and freeze meals to use during the work week. That will free up at least one hour of your time per day. Do laundry and cleaning on your days off, too, or ask your spouse or children to take over some daily tasks so that you can find time for fitness every day.

If you can work the P90X workout program into your schedule, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and you’ll have more energy to meet the demands of work and family.

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