Great Weight Loss ProgramsWhat do you get when you add exercise into your life? Improved health!

And when you combine exercise with a good diet, you get weight loss, too. Good weight loss exercise routines are either full-body workouts or workouts that work each major muscle group in turn. And they get your heart pumping faster, too.  As you’re looking for an effective, worthwhile fitness system to help you lose weight, keep these three ideas in mind.

1. Cardio Component

A good weight loss workout system should include cardiovascular exercise. Cardio workouts burn calories by raising your heart rate and respiration. They help you create a caloric deficit that can lead to weight loss.

2. Strength Training

Effective weight loss programs also include strength training. These programs raise your metabolism by building muscle. Even when you’re not exercising, you’ll burn more calories if you have more muscle mass. Chalene Johnson understood how important this concept was, and developed ChaLEAN Extreme.  Tony Horton understands how important this concept is and developed  P90X. You may have heard of P90X on TV or in magazines.

3. Nutrition Plan

A good weight loss exercise program also has a nutrition plan. Although it’s possible to lose weight just by increasing your level of activity, you’ll optimize your results if you improve your diet, too. Two simple and effective ways are to cut calories and reduce the amount of high-fat foods that you eat.

Cardio, strength training, and healthy eating are all part of the best weight loss programs. P90X, ChaLEAN Extreme, and 10 Minute Trainer include all three. That’s why participants in these programs drop weight while they firm up. It’s guaranteed. Through the guidance of inspiring BeachBody fitness experts, anyone who consistently participates in P90X, ChaLEAN Extreme, or 10 Minute Trainer can lose weight and get fit.