Looking for a Shakeology Discount?

Shakeology DiscountShakeology has taken the fitness and nutrition world by storm.  At last count, sales were a million a week.  I know, that sounds crazy, but it’s not a misprint.  But when you take a close look at Shakeology, it’s no wonder why.  Now this isn’t a SALES article on Shakeology, this article is for those of you that have already become a fan.  You’ve already tried Shakeology, and now you’re wondering if there is a way to get a Shakeology discount.  Not only do I know how to get a Shakeology discount, but I also know how you can take it a step further, and even make a few bucks.  Some are even making a living on Shakeology and the Beachbody business.  Crazy.  So in my best attempt to break it all down, keep reading.  And at the end of the article, if you are still wondering, or your mind is reeling, just contact me.  🙂

One word of caution, what you are about to read could very easily be the best thing you’ve ever read, or it could be something that’s just not for you.  But take a moment to find out.  This article serves two purposes, how to get a shakeology discount, and how you can retail Shakeology for profit.  You don’t have to do both, you can take the discount and run, and never sell a thing.

So let’s move onward, as a Retail Customer…

As a retail customer you are able to purchase Shakeology at Extremely-Fit.com for $119.95 plus shipping and handling and tax, bringing your approximate total to $132.54.

If you became a Beachbody Coach…

As a Beachbody Coach ( I use other terminology as well… distributor, retailer, etc) you receive a Shakeology discount of 25%! You also get a 25% discount on other Beachbody products such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, etc.

Now let’s get the cost to be a coach out of the way.  To be eligible for this discount you pay a one time $39.95 setup fee, and also get a free “coach kit”, this is a one time fee.  Starting in month 2 , you pay $14.95 a month.  This $14.95 a month covers two websites, where you send your potential customers.  Anything purchased from your site(s), lands you a $25 commission.  You send people to the site, and Beachbody does the rest!  That’s right.  Beachbody collects your payments, ships your product, handles all customer related support on those products, and then drops a check in the mail or better, deposits the money into your account!  You get paid weekly!

So now once you’re a Coach/Distributor, you can begin purchasing Shakeology for $89.96, plus shipping and handling and tax, bringing your approximate total to $107.85.

That’s an approximate $25 Shakeology discount!

If you want even bigger savings, and free gifts, you can purchase Shakeology on Home Direct (HD) and get FREE shipping which means your new approximate total is $97.16. Plus, you’ll receive two free gifts (two Shakeology workouts and you’ll also receive a free shaker cup at the time your 2nd order of Shakeology ships).

So let’s do a brief recap…

Retail Shakeology: approx. $132.54
Coach Shakeology: approx. $107.85
Coach Shakeology on Home Direct: $97.16 (approximately, varies by location)

Notice: Either Coach option above is CHEAPER than buying Retail, and you didn’t have to SELL anything.

It’s just plain ‘ol CHEAPER to buy Shakeology as a Beachbody Coach.

Now in month #2 as a Beachbody Coach/Distributor… You will have a $14.95 recurring business service fee for maintaining your two Team Beachbody Coach websites, like these: (You can start using these sites immediately).


Add in your $97.16 for Shakeology. As a Coach you are now paying roughly $112 per month to be a Coach and a 30 day supply of Shakeology!

Even with the Coach website fee of $14.95, it’s still CHEAPER to buy Shakeology as a Beachbody Coach/Distributor, and you still haven’t had to SELL anything!

So now you realize that it just makes sense to be a Coach and buy Shakeology, even if you don’t think “selling” is your cup of tea!

But, what if you didn’t have to sell?

What if, you simply shared your experience with Shakeology when the opportunity arose? Then sent someone to your Shakeology website (like the one above), where that person purchased Shakeology from you! Beachbody takes the payment, ships the product, handles customer relations, and sends you a CHECK for around $29.99!

Now you just made a commission, and you can do that once, twice, ten times… per day, week, or month. It’s up to you!

What could you do with an extra $30 a month? What about $60? Do some quick math, and realize the potential. As a Beachbody Coach, I earn just as much through Beachbody as I do at working my full time job! And I can help you do the same!

But you can also offer P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, every single product Beachbody sells for a 25% commission. P90X is the number one infomercial today. Everybody has heard about P90X, or will very soon. If they buy it from your site, that’s another $30!

Anyone that you refer to your website(s) (that signs up or makes a purchase through your site) becomes YOUR customer, and you earn residual income from their orders, each and every time they come back. You can receive residual income each month from customers that come back over and over from Beachbody products.

If you are interested in a Shakeology discount, and/or want to sell Shakeology, then NOW is the time. Contact me with your questions, we can set up a phone call, or I can answer questions by email.

Shakeology DoctorsFINAL THOUGHT. There’s a reason Shakeology is averaging 1 million in sales per week. This is a quality product, that is endorsed by numerous doctors (watch the video).   It’s a super easy product to retail, since its so GOOD for you! If you have questions or want to know more, contact me! If you’re ready to go, click below.  If you are like me, and want to get even more detailed information, watch this Beachbody presentation.  No matter what decision you make, I’m thrilled to have you here as a reader on our blog, as a customer, and a fellow fitness enthusiast!

Save 25% with a Shakeology Discount