Many home fitness programs come with fitness guides. Usually, these programs are top-quality systems that offer all the tools and information users need to get fit.

Programs that offer customers little more than a few workout DVDs, on the other hand, don’t seem to care whether their customers fail or succeed in their quest for better health and better bodies.

In short, the best at-home fitness programs care about their customers’ success. As a result, they come complete with lots of support materials, including top-notch fitness guides.

Learning the Moves

A good fitness guide walks users through each workout. That way, they learn the moves before they begin, and they know what to expect before they start.

Learning about Fitness Benefits

Good fitness guides also teach the value of working out. They explain the changes customers can expect in their bodies. They also explain the challenges they may face as they work through the program. Being armed with these two bits of knowledge makes it much easier to stay motivated and avoid discouragement.

Learning about Success

Good fitness guides also provide exercisers with tips about how they can optimize their results through nutrition, added resistance, move modification, and other techniques. Most importantly, they offer advice about avoiding injury.

If your at-home fitness system includes a fitness guide, be sure to use it. Doing so could dramatically improve your results. Your fitness guide will include information about the system’s methods and philosophy, as well as other fitness information that’s not contained on the DVDs.

Those of you who do any of the programs sold at Extremely-Fit, such as P90X, P90X Plus, Slim In 6, ChaLEAN Extreme, Turbo Jam, or Hip Hop Abs, probably consult your fitness guide frequently. In fact, you’d be lost without it!

If you purchased an at-home fitness system through Extremely-Fit and have lost your fitness guide, contact us immediately so we may assist you to obtain a new one.   A fitness guide is one great resource you don’t want to do without.