Once you’re married with children, fitness and weight loss programs often fall by the wayside. Every day is filled with work and more work. In addition to your daily round of housework, cooking and childcare, you probably hold a job outside the home as well.  Busy, busy, busy….and I understand.

It’s no wonder that you collapse onto your bed each night, exhausted from a day spent doing things for others, often at the expense of your own fitness and well being.

Life, however, doesn’t have to be like that. Every day—in small ways—you can make food and exercise choices that will get you back into shape. Over time, you’ll regain the fitness level you enjoyed before you had kids. Remember that little black dress? You’ll be able to wear it again. And the miniskirt you practically lived in? Get it out, too. No matter how busy you are, you can lose weight, increase your energy and look better than ever.

Several fitness and weight loss programs are perfect for busy moms. Although each is different, they are all designed to help you eat healthily and establish a daily workout schedule.

What do you need to begin? Just 10 minutes. On days when you have more time, expand your workout to 20, 30 or even 40 minutes. On ultra-busy days, reduce it back to 10. You can find 10 minutes, can’t you? Maybe early in the morning when everyone else is asleep or when your husband is playing with the kids.

One excellent fitness program for beginners, 10 Minute Trainer, is especially designed for people like you who are too busy for lengthy exercise regimes. Through Ten Minute Trainer, you can realize three ENORMOUS benefits by working out just 10 minutes per day:

1) You can lose weight.
2) You can tone every muscle group in your body.
3) You can sculpt your body so that it looks the way you want it to look.

Ten Minute Trainer’s host, fitness expert Tony Horton, leads the workouts. Each one focuses on burning fat, increasing strength and toning. Resistance bands are used for the strength and toning portions. If you combine these daily workouts with the program’s diet plan, you’ll see results quickly, sometimes in only 10 days.

Yes, your days are insanely hectic, and they’re not likely to slow down anytime soon. But even a busy mom like you can enjoy a fitness program that works. 10 Minute Trainer is a great program to get you started. Soon you’ll feel—and look—better than ever.