When you first begin the P90X Extreme Workout, you may feel overwhelmed. Lots of questions will race through your mind. Can you really do it? Will you be able to keep up with the program? Is your body ready for the challenge?

Yes, yes, and yes. Proceed with confidence! P90X was meant to challenge you. It was also designed to do so safely.

During every P90X routine, celebrity trainer Tony Horton will push you toward real progress on the road to extreme fitness. The program is intense. To look like one of the before-and-after photos requires lots of hard work and loads of determination. But you can do it!

Get ready for a big surprise.

Whether you’re a fitness buff or a beginner, the P90X Extreme Workout will surprise you with its unique moves and workout techniques. Plyometrics, Yoga X, Kenpo—these three distinctive takes on tried-and-true methods are just some of the ways Tony will challenge you to increase your reflexes, improve your flexibility, and boost your strength.

Don’t expect to rest.

You’ll work a different muscle group daily. While your back and legs recover from a tough workout, you’ll put your arms and shoulders through the paces. As your arms and shoulders rest, you’ll train your core with Core Synergistics. P90X’s challenging cycle of routines never allows your body to rest completely. That’s its key to success: muscle confusion. It keeps testing your body, challenging you, pushing you to shed pounds, tone up, and grow stronger, faster, and more agile.

Don’t be disappointed if you have difficulty the first time you attempt the P90X Extreme Workout. The routines are supposed to be tough! It takes time and practice to complete them successfully. Once you can perform them, however, you’ll love each one. You’ll even find yourself modifying routines in order to increase the challenge your new, stronger, transformed P90X body craves. So start now! You CAN do it. You just have to try. You just have to be consistent.  Everyone else is getting results, you CAN to! Don’t forget to find us on Facebook!