Core training can increase muscle growth, improve posture, amp up athletic performance, prevent injury, and even reduce back pain. Thanks to its numerous benefits, it’s one fitness trend that’s here to stay.

Core training works the muscles that hold you upright. These include all the muscles around your torso. Although experts disagree as to which specific muscles make up the core, many include everything from your tummy to your back, hips, and rear-end. These muscles are your body’s powerhouse of strength.

Not only does your core keep you upright, but it also protects your bones and your internal organs. It even cushions your spine. When you train your core, you increase your poise and give your arms and legs a strong base of support.

Athletes, including football and basketball players, track stars, and gymnasts, have been using core training for years in order to increase their strength and improve their balance.

If your exercise routine includes push-ups and sit-ups, you’re already doing exercises that work your core. To increase your core strength and improve your stability even more, however, consider devoting some workouts to core training alone. Core Synergistics, a workout that’s part of the P90X workout, focuses on strengthening the core through cardio, resistance, and stretching.  Insanity Asylum is another program that will feature core strength and stability.

To maintain a high-quality exercise program, incorporate core training into your fitness routine. Soon you’ll enjoy the benefits professional athletes have appreciated for years.