How to create the best fitness plan that’s right for you.

If you’re not a personal trainer, you’re probably uncertain about how to design your own fitness plan. Sure, you know that you need a program with both cardio and strength training, but … that’s about all you know. “There must be more to it!” you think to yourself as you flip through fitness magazines and search the internet. After all, you want to lose weight, feel great, and completely transform yourself! You want a fantastic looking body, and you want to feel good, too. So what plan is best for you?

You need to choose something that’s realistic for you.

As I browse the internet, facebook, and social media sites, I frequently see others doing programs that may or may not be right for me, or you.  Sure some are doing Power 90 (a great starter program), others P90X.  Some are doing crazy routines like Insanity (an extremely challenging cardio based routine).  Some people are brand new to fitness workouts and starting out with Insanity and P90X.  While that may work for them, it may not work for you, or be what’s best for you.  My personal preference is to make fitness a lifelong journey.  Start out realistic, and move forwards to the more difficult.  But if you are the “jump right in” type of person, then by all means, jump in.

My point is: Just because it’s right for others, doesn’t mean its right for you.  Just because you see someone doing a doubles routine of P90X, doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do to get in shape.  The most weight I ever lost was from Power 90 (30 lbs in 90 days). No double routines, no extreme calorie reduction, no magic pills.  Just a solid program, and a clean diet.  So if you are on our facebook page later, and see me post that I just did a crazy Insanity Asylum routine, that doesn’t mean that you have to, or even should.  Everyone is different, and find what works for you! Start where you are comfortable, wherever that may be.  Remember, a lot of people doing crazier routines, did not start there.

Choose a schedule that realistic for you.

When designing a fitness plan, you must also be realistic about your daily schedule. Don’t create a program that requires 90-minute workouts every day if you only have 30 minutes to spare. You may wish you could spend over an hour each day on fitness, but if you can’t, you can’t!

So instead of wishing you could do 90-minute workouts and instead doing nothing at all because you’re too busy, design a program that demands less time, and really do it. With the right moves, you can get results in 10 or 30 minutes per day, too.  If you don’t find something that fits your time schedule and you’re always running behind, or rushed, frustration sets in, or injury (because you are rushing, and not warming up properly or cooling down etc).  So find something that fits your time schedule too.

Why reinvent the wheel?

All of the quality at-home fitness systems available through Extremely-Fit provide the guidance you need to create a fitness plan that’s right for you. P90X and Ten Minute Trainer, for example, both come with excellent workout calendars and easy-to-follow program plans.

Why spend valuable time designing a program from scratch when you can use a proven system created over time by fitness experts? These experts are well aware of every element that an effective fitness program needs, and they’ve included each one. What’s left for you to do? Pick a program that fits your schedule, your goals, and your style, and start working hard.

With a professionally designed program, there’s no guesswork and no daily planning. By using an at-home system like P90X, Slim In 6, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity or one of the other effective programs available through Extremely-Fit, you can focus on your real goal—getting fit—and leave the planning to the fitness professionals.  I have personally tried most all of the programs offered in our store, and I have to say I am always impressed.  It takes the thinking out of getting in shape, and allows you to focus on the simple things:  PRESS PLAY. EAT CLEAN. GET FIT.  Most of these programs come with a nutrition guide as well.  We also have a fitness program comparison guide too.

So what’s your favorite program?  Post your comments below!