So you’re thinking about buying Insanity Asylum, or maybe you already have the program.  If you are thinking about buying it, it’s basically a 30 day fitness program, meant to be completed after you have graduated from Insanity, P90X, Turbo Fire, or another fairly challenging Beachbody program.  It’s meant to be harder than Insanity, which I have completed twice so far.  Now if this is meant to be harder than Insanity, well….. Insanity was TOUGH.  Mentally challenging, and physically demanding.  So I have no doubt that if this is to surpass that, then I’m in for a long, long 30 days.  But, to tell you the truth, I’m looking forward to it.  Anything to push myself further than I want to go, further than others can go, and a program that forces me, to shut down my mind, and push past that which is uncomfortable.  It’s when you can get to that point, where you think you have nothing else to give, but are able to push forwards.  That’s when you have pushed yourself to the limit.  So, if you are thinking about Asylum, make sure you are a graduate of a previous program, or you are already in very good cardiovascular condition.  Otherwise, wait on Asylum, and do something else first.  If you have questions, about any of that.  Just contact me!

So having said all of that, if you have Insanity Asylum, or are thinking about it, but want to know more, than journey with me for 30 days, as I attempt my first round.  What I say in these Insanity Asylum Reviews, will be as they always are.  To the point, honest, and fair.  So let’s get going.

At the beginning of the fit test, or the Athletic Performance Assessment (official name), Shaun T makes the following statement:

“I’m not there to count for you, so if you cheat on yourself, hey… only you know. – Shaun T”

I took this to heart.  I knew from the moment I pushed play, I was going to post my numbers.  I wasn’t go to cheat, inflate, or pad those numbers.  They may be lower, higher, or same as others, I don’t know…. but they are honest.  They’re my numbers, and I know that with this Fit Test, I gave 100% to form first, then repetitions.  Time and time again, I have heard Shaun T says on a webcast, interview, etc, that people were doing Insanity, but there form was questionable.  There is no doubt, that he put some thought into this Fit Test, and if the form was off, it doesn’t count.  If you move the ladder, it doesn’t count. If its not what it’s supposed to be, it doesn’t count.  So I was very mindful of this.  At times I felt as though I could have moved faster, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to not count a number, because I rushed.  lol.    I took notes, and wrote down the numbers of the cast, so I could gauge my results to those on the DVD.  As I went through the Fit Test, I also wrote down words, such as Integrity.  Pitiful. Push. Breath. Suck it Up. Some of these may sound familiar as you take yours.

So anyway, lets talk about the Fit Test.

The Agility Ladder lies on the floor, and you move in and around for speed & agility.

1. Agility Heisman. This is a ladder drill, where you move in and out of the ladder.  Down and up equals one rep.  My count 10.

2.  In & Out Ab progression. Using the ladder, this is very much like In Out Abs.  You have to get so far up the ladder for it to count.  My count 46.

3.  Lat Pushups or Pull ups. So you can choose, pretty cool.  Either Lat Pushups or pull ups.  I chose Lat Pushups.  I am extremely weak in pushups, and plank.  Since I am coming off a “shoulder impingement” injury.  It has been over 3 months since I have done any pull ups or pushups to speak of.  So this will be a growth area for me.  My count 30.

4.  Mountain Climber Switch Kicks. So cardio is still a decent area for me.  Since I have been going slow on weights and shoulders, I have been staying on cardio.  My count 70.

5.  Agility Shoulder Taps. This was a monster for me.  Using the ladder, you move up and down the ladder in a plank position, touching the opposite shoulder each time.  My count 3.  This is where I wrote “Pitiful”.  lol.

6.  X Jumps. Yikes.  Touch your touch this jump to an X in the air.  My count 30.

7.  Moving Push ups. Another ladder drill, moving up and down the ladder, each time you go down and back is 1 rep.  My count 3.

8.  Agility Lateral Shuffle. A speed drill using the ladder.  Down and back is 1 rep.  My count 17.

9.  Agility Bear Crawl. By now, my shoulders, arms, legs are very much toast.  I had trouble at the bottom of the ladder where you jump your hands in and out of the ladder.  I was so tired!  Anyway, my count 5.

So there you have it.  A couple more notes, before I sign off.  I am doing Asylum for 30 days.  Diet will be 100% on track.   No cheat meals, no coffee (except black), no sweets, no french fries off the kids plate, no dairy.  This will be as hard as the workouts!  In addition, I plan on tracking EVERYTHING.  Calories, weight, body fat, how I feel, am I sore & how bad, water intake, heart rate, calories burned.  For the most part I am going to be using a program called XtremeFit Pro.  These guys have there act together, and were also the guys that put out the P90X Excel worksheet for Beachbody.  This takes tracking to the next level.  There is also a free demo.  I do make a small commission on purchases, however, let me say… that outside of Beachbody products, I only endorse two other products.  This is one of them.  So anyway, if extreme tracking sounds like your cup of tea, Jump over and take a look!

You can contact me for the Asylum module I made, and I am also going to contact the developer to see if we can make this even better.

So now it’s your turn, post a comment below, what did you think of the Fit Test?  Also don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook.  We’ll be talking Insanity Asylum!