Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo is the most challenging Insanity Asylum workout… mentally and physically. This Insanity Asylum Review just might hurt to read, as much as it hurt me to do the actual workout!

If that opening sentence left you with a feeling of dread, despair and slightly fearful, it should.  And while I say this is the most challenging workout, physically and mentally, it’s also one of the workouts that I appreciate the most.  This workout will challenge your body and your mind, and as difficult as it is, it also leaves a tremendous amount of room for growth.  You will never get to the point with this workout that it does not challenge you.  While at the same time, you will continue to grow stronger, faster, and your cardiovascular ability will begin to go through the roof.  So while this is a DVD that I find the most difficult, it’s also one of the DVDs that will bring you the results you want.  And if you are doing Insanity Asylum, or thinking about Asylum, you know that its this kind of workout that will take you to the next level.  Not for the faint at heart, but you know what, nothing in life is easy, so push play and tackle this monster of a workout.  Take breaks if you have to, but dig deep and push through.  And when you’re finished 40 minutes later, you know that you just accomplished something big.  AND… if you truly pushed yourself, you also broke past another mental barrier, and that is where not just anyone can go. Not everyone can shut down the mind, and accomplish something truly difficult.  And isn’t that where so many problems come from?  Alcoholism, cigarette addiction, weight loss, over eating, people that can’t say no to save their lives.  They struggle with weight loss, or anything challenging that they try and set their mind to.  Weak mind, weak physically.

Insanity Asylum is changing you physically and mentally.  Pushing you past barriers physical and mental.  So push play already, sweat, dig deep, suffer, push past being uncomfortable, gasp for breath, and in the end you WIN.

So now that we’re committed to pushing play on Vertical Plyo, lets get right into my Insanity Asylum Review.

The workout is actually about 40 minutes long.  And while those of you that have done other workouts might have gone longer, I doubt they were harder.  You go hard for 40 minutes.  Shaun T says something at the front of this workout that I really like, “You have to go down to go up. ”  And you are going to be going up and down a lot!

It all begins with the warm up, which lasts about 9 minutes.  During this time, you will alternate with jump rope drills and squat ladder jumps.  Somewhere in there you will do some spider lunges to work the obliques.  Shaun T also says during this warm up that you get 2 breaths.  If you take a break, take 2 breaths and get back in it.  By the time I got to my first set of squat ladder jumps, I was taking two breaths.  Tough warm up, like I said, tremendous room for growth for me, and I’d bet for you too.  But that’s okay, I’ll keep coming back for more!

After the warm up you get your first water break, which last about 30 seconds, but I find it funny when Shaun T says the following about water breaks: “Sometimes I say take 30 seconds, if I only give you 10, that’s your problem.” I don’t wait around, I head to the water, and take what I can get!

The next 4 minutes, you stretch.

For about the next 22-23 minutes, you will be going through the primary part of the workout.  During that time, you’ll go through about 15 exercises.  Most of them last approximately 1 minute, but some last a little longer.  To give you an idea of the 15 exercises, I’m going to list the moves.  No explanation, you’ll find out soon enough.  🙂

1. Standing long jump. (over the agility ladder).
2. Split/Squat back fly. (using the medium strength band).
3. Low stance jacks. (using the heavy band).
4. Jump rope. (active rest exercise).  But is it really rest when you’re exhausted?
5. Resistance power jumps. (heavy band).
6. Resistance plyo push ups. (both bands for hands and feet).
7. Resistance X jumps. (using bands on hands and feet). This completely emptied my reserve tank. lol.
8. Mountain climber switch kicks. (leg above waist or it doesn’t count).
9. Low squat jump rope. (another “active” rest exercise).
10. Rotational jump squat agility.
11. Decoy split jumps. (this is very hard, at least for me).
12. Shaun calls this a “beast” and I agree. Scissor jump agility. 40 reps. Push ups at every set of 10.
13. Double jumps jump rope. (now seems like a good time to answer a question I received about jumping rope.  There was a concern whether you could jump rope in a house or apartment.  So far, I can complete all jump rope moves in my house with an average ceiling.  These double jumps however, its easier to do with higher ceilings or outside.  You need some AIR.
14. Single leg power jumps. (yikes).
15. Lateral jumps (over the ladder). I have to reduce my ladder by 1/4 for now.  3 rungs instead of 4.

And just as easy as that (NOT), you’re all done! You have a 3 minute cool down and stretch at the end.  I highly HIGHLY recommend that you spend a few more minutes stretching on your own.  It’s when you are warm and lose that you can improve your flexibility.  Stretching to warm up, may loosen you up, but your not improving.  If you want improvement, stretch at the END.

Before I finish up this review, I want to again mention my fanatical way of tracking.  I don’t know why, but I just love tracking my results.  From workouts, to heart rate, to calories burned, to nutrition. And then I like to compare those numbers.  Now that I am entering into my second week of Asylum, I’m getting my first look at comparative data.  I’m using a software program called ExtremeFit Pro.

What this allows me to do is load a workout module, in this case Insanity Asylum. It shows me the program calendar on a day by day basis.  Then when I complete a workout, I enter my data.  So everything goes in here.  Weight, calories burned, calories consumed, heart rate, length of workout, it has a place for notes, photographs, etc.   At any time, I can click on the graph and see my progress.  So today, I wanted to see how I compared to last week.  Did I push harder, more calories burned? Viola.  Anyway, if you’re fanatical too, its an awesome add on to your fitness tool set.  I also created the module for Asylum, and the developer was kind enough to help me tweak it, and prepare it for the world.  So the Insanity Asylum mod is now available, at their site.  Pretty cool.  I’ll post some of my graphs later as I get more data.

Last but not least, what’s your thoughts? Thoughts on Vertical Plyo? Insanity Asylum in general?  Post a comment below, or join us on Facebook, or both.  See you next time!