Just about everyone knows that eating a healthy diet is extremely important. It helps us stay fit. It helps our bodies run efficiently. It even helps us live longer. We can never be reminded too many times to eat healthy. “You can’t out exercise a bad diet”, is a popular saying in the weight loss industry.

After all, aren’t we always making up excuses to eat the wrong foods?  I know I’m guilty. I love ice cream.  So I’m always on the lookout for scientific evidence about the health benefits of ice cream. If the ice cream industry ever provided scientific proof  that ice cream actually had health benefits, you’d find me standing in line with a gallon of ice cream, muttering, “Maybe I should get two gallons of ice cream–for my own good.”

Like you, I’d love it if pizza, crispy fried chicken, the chinese buffet or (fill in your own junk food weakness here) turned out to be healthy. But it’s not going to happen. Ice Cream will never be a superfood.

So, enjoy a piece of cake; savor that greasy cheeseburger, a bowl of ice cream—occasionally. But make your primary diet one that’s comprised of healthy foods. Make those favorite junk food treats, ones that you have earned through hard work, sweat, and hours in the home gym.  But know for certain, that the healthy foods are the ones that will help you fit into your clothes, fight off disease, look good, feel great, and live long into your old age. And with God willing, live long enough to see your children grow, and have their children, your grandchildren.  At least that’s my motivation.  And if you search for it, you’ll find your motivation too.  Then use that motivation to do the right thing.  Eat right, exercise, and treat yourself right for the long term, not the short term!

Mom was right. You should eat (drink)  your vegetables—they’re good for you. And while you’re at it, eat your whole grains, your lean protein, and your fruit, too! A healthy diet is so important. If you find yourself needing help, take a look at our free fitness tools, and join us on Facebook, where we work to help you stay accountable.