So, you’ve just purchased the P90X Workout program. Congratulations! Have fun looking through all the DVDs. And be sure to check out your new fitness guide, too. It’s your handbook to the entire program, and it’s invaluable.

Workout calendars, log sheets, workout descriptions, product reviews—this guide contains a wealth of information about the P90X workout plan. Use it throughout your 90 days—and even after the 90-days. It’s over 90 pages of essential information that will help you understand the P90X system and work through it successfully.

One of the best parts of this book is the product description at the beginning. It introduces you to P90X and explains how the program works. These six pages will not only educate you, they’ll inspire you! After reading them, you’ll be absolutely sure that you made the right choice in buying the P90X workout.

The beginning of the guide includes a workout overview, too. It tells you how long each DVD is and what each workout is like. If you’ve never heard of Kenpo or Plyometrics, this is where you’ll learn what they entail.

The P90X fitness guide also includes information about optional P90X equipment and supplements. These products are designed to support and enhance the P90X workout. You’ll learn about equipment like yoga blocks. You’ll read about supplements like Peak Recovery Formula. And you’ll discover quality meal replacement products like P90X Protein Bars. Some product options might be just what you need to make your workouts more effective and more challenging.

Also be sure to read the brief section about how to stay injury free. It includes a lesson in anatomy. You’ll learn where your trapezoids are—and more!

Mentally, you may be pumped up at the start! But before you begin, you’ll have to go through the fit test to make sure that your body’s ready for the challenge, too.

In addition to a fit test, the fitness guide includes a complete description of each P90X workout. Every move is described, and pointers as well as safety advice is also included. Before you begin, you’ll not only know which muscles you’re working, but you’ll also know proper form.

Use this fitness guide as if it’s your trainer. Let it be your source for tips and advice as you work through the P90X Workout program. Have a question? The answer is probably in the P90X fitness guide. It’s a great read for P90X fans.