Today, the P90X Workout program is more popular than ever. But it wasn’t the first fitness program that celebrity trainer Tony Horton made famous. That was Power 90, which fitness experts currently recommend for those who’re not quite ready for P90X. With Power 90, users acquire the basic fitness level, techniques, and habits they need to be successful at P90X.

Power 90 is a great way for anyone to begin their fitness journey. And for those who are thinking about pursuing P90X or P90X Plus in the future, it’s doubly beneficial.

Power 90 Uses Sectional Progression

Power 90 uses the concept of “sectional progression” to assure that all the muscle groups in the body burn fat. That means that Power 90 works muscle groups in isolation in order to achieve dramatic results quickly. During workouts, Power 90 users focus on a specific group of muscles and give them a tough workout through extreme moves.

Time Efficiency

Best of all, each Power 90 routine is less than 45 minutes long. Of course, doing any workout on a daily basis takes commitment. But a 45-minute daily workout is much easier for those with hectic lives to fit into their schedules than a 90-minute or even a 60-minute workout.

A History of Top-Notch Fitness

Power 90 isn’t the only precursor to P90X. After Power 90 came the Power 90 Master’s Series, the next at-home fitness system that Tony created. It introduced plyometrics.

Plyometrics, also known as plyo, is a tough form of exercise used by professional athletes and amateur fitness lovers alike. Although it’s difficult to get used to, once you become accustomed to plyometrics, you’ll love the way it improves your reaction times and increases your muscle strength.
No matter which program in the Power 90 family you choose—the original Power 90, Power 90 Master’s Series, P90X, or P90X Plus—you’ll achieve amazing results if you make the commitment and stick to it. In fact, you’ll be astounded at how fit you’ll get—in only 90 days.

My recommendation

Start with Power 90 if you are just starting out. After 90 days, jump on the Master’s Series, and then finally P90X. This is only a my recommendation. From personal experience, I started with Power 90 and lost 30 lbs in 90 days. Join us on Facebook, and don’t forget to subscribe to our email updates. Remember, we offer free coaching to our customers, so make today the day, you change your life forever.  Let’s get started!