If you SURVIVE 30 Days of Insanity ASYLUM, you get an “I’m Committed” T-Shirt!

Just send in your BEFORE and AFTER pictures, download this form.

Additional Instructions:

We want to make sure you get your free t-shirt. Please read the entire document, including the very last paragraph about the PHOTO DETAILS on the download form above. We have also included a VIDEO at the bottom of this page to help with taking your photographs.

  • Please be sure save your proof of purchase.
  • When completing the form, when asked “Where did you purchase your Insanity: The Asylum program?” Please select OTHER. Then put Extremely-Fit.com in the blank.
  • When asked, “Would you like to be contacted by an Independent Team Beachbody Coach to learn how you can help others lose weight and get fit with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM while making money at the same time?” Answer NO on the form, however, if you are interested in the Beachbody Business Opportunity, please contact me directly at robert(at)extremely-fit.com, or use our contact form. Since Extremely-Fit.com is owned and operated by a team of Beachbody Coaches, we would be more than happy to talk with you and/or make a video available to you.  This will help you decide if this business is a good fit for you.
  • Be sure to send Beachbody the PDF you downloaded above. Your BEFORE and AFTER pictures, and your Proof of Purchase.

Good luck with Asylum, and if you need any coach support along the way, please contact me at the email above. Or you can visit us our FREE FITNESS TOOLS page.  On Facebook, we are currently doing Asylum and other programs, so check us out there as well!

Thank you for your business!

Robert Harden