Compared to not exercising at all, a 10-minute trainer workout is a good workout. And if you choose a flexible and effective 10-minute fitness program, those 10 minutes can go from “good” to awesome fast.

Who Needs a 10 Minute Trainer Workout Program?

If your days are packed with activities and responsibilities from start to finish, a 10-minute workout program is probably the best choice for you. After all, you’re the very person the program was designed for—someone with little time to spend on fitness.

With a 10 minute trainer workout, you can “stack” workouts into your busy day 10 minutes at a time. Sure, a 45-minute workout would be better, but you may not have that luxury. Even so, you can commit yourself to improving your health by consistently exercising.  Some days, you’ll only have time for one 10 minute trainer workout, but that’s better than not exercising at all! Other days, you’ll be able to fit in two, three, or even four workouts.

What Happens During a Good 10 Minute Trainer Workout?

For a 10 minute workout to be truly effective, it must work multiple muscle groups at the same time. That means weighted squats or squats plus dumbbell curls, not just squats, and lunges paired with weighted upper body presses. When moves do double duty, you get twice the workout in half the time.

What Are the Benefits of Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer System?

Professionally created fitness programs like Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer takes the guess work out of getting a quick, effective workout. Created especially for busy people, 10 Minute Trainer is customizable, allowing you to “stack” your 10-minute workouts during the day as time allows. You could do two in the morning and two in the evening if your schedule permits. For best results, however, try to do three per day. Some days, of course, you’ll only have time for one short workout, and that’s okay. Hey, that’s 1/3 your goal! And if you’re new to exercise and are following a healthy diet, a 10-minute workout can make a big difference in how you feel and look.

On weekends when you have more time, do longer workouts. So long as you do your best every day to fit fitness into your life, you’ll get results. For super busy people, sometimes pursuing fitness 10 minutes at a time is best. And for effective 10 minute trainer workouts, there’s no better choice than Tony Horton’s Ten Minute Trainer.  What’s even better?  At Extremely-Fit, you can get exclusive bonus DVD, Tony Horton’s Fountain of Youth absolutely FREE.  So check it out.  10 minutes, you can do it!