These days protein and energy bars are super easy to find. They’re at health food stores, grocery stores, and sporting goods stores. You can even find them at convenience stores!

All protein bars and energy bars, however, are not alike. Before you chomp into a bar, make sure that your “healthy” snack is really as healthy as you think it is.  Nothing frustrates me more than to see a candy bar disguised as a protein bar!

Some energy bars and protein bars are meal replacements. That means they are high in calories. If you select one of these bars, check the nutrition label to see if the calories are appropriate to your daily diet. If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t want to sabotage your efforts by consuming too many calories.  Make sure you are consuming less calories than you burn in a day.

Even protein and energy bars that aren’t advertised as meal replacement bars may be high in calories. Again, check the nutrition label before you buy. If one small bar contains 300-400 calories or more, you may opt to have a small meal, like an apple and/or a grilled chicken wrap, instead. Not only would the meal be more filling, but it might even contain fewer calories than the energy or protein bar!

Energy bars in particular may have high amounts of sugar in them, which probably doesn’t fit into your healthy nutrition plan. Look for the bars that taste good without excess sugar. Also check to see how many of the bar’s carbohydrates come from fiber rather than sugar. A great tasting bar that’s high in fiber and low in sugar is ideal.

As you pursue a healthy lifestyle, be wary of the foods that you buy—even so-called health foods. Advertising and packaging can be very misleading. Always check the fine print on the label, and consider whether the product will help you meet your fitness goals. Once you find the right energy or protein bar, feel free to work them into your healthy diet.

Personally, I love the chocolate peanut butter P90X Bars.  Second place is the chocolate fudge.  Do I have one every day? No.  But I do have them quite often.  Never more than 1 a day.  They are always on standby for when I anticipate being on the road, or out of pocket.  They are also my “go to” source when I’m craving something sweet.  This is much better than a bowl of ice cream, candy bar, or sugary sweet drink from a drive thru.  I monitor my daily calories, so they are always in line with my current fitness goals.

Finally, having a good protein bar on hand, is much better than getting caught without a healthy snack!  I absolutely hate standing in a grocery aisle, comparing food label, trying to find a decent snack that won’t blow my diet.  Be prepared, and have your bars handy.  For that matter, have all your meals planned out, snacks too, and you’ll find staying on track is much easier all around.

If you’ve tried the P90X bars, which is your favorite? Your thoughts?  I’m sure other readers will appreciate your thoughts too.  Please feel free to comment below.  We’d also like to connect with you on Facebook.  Have a great day!