If you’re trying to lose weight, get ripped, or maintain your current level of fitness, what you eat is just as important as exerciseIf not more so.  Look at it this way.  You exercise for about an hour a day…. but you eat (or should eat) 5 – 6 times per day.  Reaching your fitness goals does not end after exercise, but continues all the way through until the end of the day with your nutrition.  Everyone knows that eating junk food all the time won’t make you feel good.  And it sure won’t make you look good.  But how can you realistically manage a healthy diet– without getting off track or becoming inflexible? That’s the challenge.

One of the most effective ways to meet that challenge is to have a healthy meal plan.  So what are some good meal plans?

P90X Meal Plan

Meal plans that are good for you don’t have to be complicated, and they aren’t hard to find. Most top-of-the-line fitness systems include healthy meal plans. Usually, these plans meet your caloric goals while on the program. The P90X Nutrition Guide, for example, provides numerous healthy meal plans as well as recipes. But perhaps you already have access to those. Maybe you’re looking for new ideas for healthy meals.

New Healthy Meal Plans

You can design your own healthy meal plans or adopt some of the many meal plans that are available on the internet. Before you use a meal plan from the Internet, however, make sure it’s truly healthy. Does it provide a variety of nutrients? Does it include low-fat foods? Is it low or moderate in calories?

Healthy meal plans should also include lots of vegetables. And if you’re on a workout plan that’s extremely strenuous, like:  P90X, Insanity, Asylum, Turbo Fire or ChaLEAN Extreme, your healthy meal plans should include high levels of lean protein too.  Fortunately, all of the workout programs mentioned have excellent meal plans included.

Custom Meal Plans by Beachbody

Beachbody has a custom meal plan.  For about $3 a week, you can get a customizable meal plan, specific to your exercise program, your weight, height, and fitness goals.  Cancel anytime.  Seeing is believing, so I wrote a detailed review with screenshots.  I want you to see what I was so impressed about.  My review is absolutely free so take a look, then you can decide if that’s an option for you.

The Convenience of Healthy Meal Plans

Remember:  One of the best things about a healthy meals plan, is that they take the guesswork out of planning breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Collect them and/or create them, pick your plans a week ahead of time (before you go shopping) and you’ll find that sticking to your healthy diet gets a whole lot easier. You won’t have to make lots of decisions about food every day; with a meal plan to follow, the decisions are already been made for you.

When it comes to meeting your fitness goals, planning healthy meals is crucial. So give yourself a helping hand. Take a little time each week to select healthy meal plans.  Your meal plan will move you forwards in your fitness and nutritional goals!  Most people, open the refrigerator,  and grab.  Or the same applies to the cabinets.  This planning system, leads to junk food, poor nutritional choices, and over eating.  Find a healthy meal plan, stick to the plan, and watch your results skyrocket!

My Final Thoughts on Meal Plans

I get emails all the time with questions on various health and fitness related topics.  The number one question goes something like this, “Why am I not losing weight?” or “This workout program, isn’t working, I’m not losing weight!”  My first response is always to find out about their nutrition.  80% of your success will come from nutrition.  You simply can not out exercise a bad diet!  If you will find a healthy meal plan, be faithful to the plan, eat the appropriate amount of calories, you will lose weight.  You will meet your fitness goals.  You will succeed!

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