Trying to lose weight? Don’t obsess about the numbers on your bathroom scale. Although weight is an indicator of good health, it’s not the only one. If you’re only doing workouts in order to drop weight, odds are you’ll stop working out once you’ve lost those pounds. For a lifetime of well-being, why not make your exercise program about more than just weight loss? Why not make it about being active and living healthy?

If you’re overweight, combining a sound diet with exercise will result in weight loss. It’s that simple. Weight loss workouts are nothing more than programs that focus on either burning calories or building/toning muscle. For best results, pick a fitness program that includes both—cardio and strength training. Each will help you lose weight.

Cardio causes you to burn fat while you’re exercising. Strength training also burns calories. However, it does so because muscle burns more calories, because muscle requires calories to maintain than fat.  By adding more muscle, you burn more fat, even when you’re not working out.

Every workout that Extremely-Fit offers can be thought of as a weight loss workout. Follow P90X or Chalean Extreme and their nutrition guide, and you’ll not only lose weight, but you’ll radically change your body.

The programs we offer, however, aren’t just for losing weight. They’re for a lifetime. Pick a plan that you like, and make it a healthy habit for years and years to come.  Join us, we’re in it for the long term too! We look forward to your comments, have you tried P90X or Chalean Extreme?  Please feel free to comment or find us on Facebook!