If you need to lose lots of weight or are unaccustomed to exercising, Power 90 might just be the perfect home workout program to get you started on the road to fitness. It’s a rigorous exercise program that will improve the way you look and feel, and it’s a great way to prepare yourself for the even more intense P90X Workout program.

Power 90 will get you in the exercise habit. Unlike P90X, which features routines that are 60-90 minutes long, Power 90 requires just 30-42 minutes per day. But that’s all it takes to get great results. You’ll raise your fitness and your energy level thanks to the program’s sectional progression.

As you progress through Power 90, expert trainer Tony Horton will challenge you to push your body. And your body will respond by becoming leaner and stronger. Power 90 features seven workouts, each designed to increase your physical fitness. And if you choose to challenge yourself further, it also gets you ready for P90X.

Power 90 is the system that made Tony a home fitness star—and for good reason. It works!  I lost 30 lbs using this program!

So why should you use Power 90? You’ll drop pounds, develop muscle, and feel better about yourself. It’s basic, and will help you get started without being impossible.  While this program is challenging, it’s not so challenging that a beginner will feel overwhelmed.  Power 90 will get you results, boost your confidence, and is a great way to prepare for the rigor of P90X.