P90X2 X2 CoreIn this P90X2 review, I want to talk about X2 Core.  So what’s this workout all about… in two words, it’s Core City.  Let me say right up front, this is only my second X2 workout, but I already know this will be one of my favorites.  Why?  You start off with a nice warm up, followed by a fantastic stretch, then core work (don’t think endless sit ups), a cool down, and final stretch.  During some of the core moves, your heart rate shoots up, then you come down again.  It’s not a cardio routine, but you’ll work hard.  In the end, you’ll get a stronger core, which makes your overall fitness sky rocket.

P90X2 Review – X2 Core, why I love it…..

P90X2 Reviews X2 CoreIt’s a core workout, without feeling like your going to die doing sit ups and crunches.  Now I have done the P90X Workout program for years, a couple rounds of Insanity, a round of Asylum, and P90X/Asylum hybrids.  I’m in better shape than ever.  So it’s hard for me to know where you are in your fitness, and how difficult this workout will be for you specifically.  For me this workout was very doable.  It was still challenging, and some of the core moves can use improvement (and I plan on doing just that over the next 90 days).  This workout is definitely a must have in my book.  To give you some idea, I’m a heart rate monitor fanatic.  If I could do so comfortably, i would wear it all day, lol.  I burned 642 calories during this workout.  At the completion of my workout, I was actually surprised by this number.  I knew I was working hard, and I knew I was spiking my heart rate at various times of the workout.  But 642 was surprising.  I had a max heart rate of 172, and an average overall of 129.

P90X2 Review, X2 Core.  Let’s break it down:

  • This workout is approximately 56 minutes in length.  That’s from the warm up to the end of the cool down.  Just under an hour.  This is great for me.  I start my workouts at about 5:30 am.  I need to be finished by 6:30 am.  Longer workouts require me to wake up earlier, and 5:15 is early enough.  I workout on an empty stomach, and have no issues doing so, as long as its early in the morning.  Any later, and I may have to re-evaluate.  Some people require some food in their belly, for early workouts, and according to Steve Edwards at Beachbody, half of a banana should work (if this is you).  If you require more energy, you need to look at your nutrition the day before.  Are you getting enough calories and/or carbs.
  • The warm up is different, and I like different.  Variety keeps things interesting, and that works great for me.  If you have a balance ball, you’ll see what I mean.  Go get one if you don’t.  Spend a few extra bucks and get a good one too.  I got one from Wal-mart, Gold’s Gym brand, and it works just fine.  If you don’t have one, there is a guy on the video that shows an alternate version.  So it’s not required.  Having done the entire video, I would want one.  Warm up is about 4-5 minutes.
  • Still part of the warm up, but deserves it’s own mention.  Foam rolling.  I started foam rolling with Insanity Asylum when I was get absolutely hammered by Shaun T.  I did research on recovery, and started adding in the foam roller.  It’s not part of the Asylum program.  I’m happy to say, P90X2 has this in the program, and I think you’ll love it.  It’s not a requirement, and there are alternative moves using bands/towels etc.  But if you have it within your means, grab one! You’ll spend an additional 7-8 minutes on foam rolling.
  • P90X2 Reviews, X2 CoreNow it’s time to work the core.  I’ll mention some of the moves, but it’s not my intention to give you the workout to do without the DVD, but more to give you an idea of the workout overall.  The core part of the workout is about 38 minutes.  I’ll more than likely feel some soreness in my core and legs tomorrow, as you heavily work your core, but you also have some leg involvement.  You’ll do moves like:  Roller Sphinx, World’s Greatest Stretch, Inch Worm, Scorpion, and Groiners.  This first five moves are still more of a stretch/gearing up process.  Then you start to pick it up with the following 18 moves:  Sphinx Plank Crunch, Warrior 3 Cross Crunch, Single Leg Walk Out to Sphinx, Half Angel, Roller Boat, 3 Speed Med Ball Push-up, One Leg Lateral Leap Squat, Core Circles, Holmsen Screamer Lunge, Med Ball Dreya Roll, Plank Burpee on Stabilty Ball, Banana Ball Switch Crunch, 3 Point Squat Press with Med Ball, Slo mo Balance Climber, X2 Diver, Ryan Sphinx Twist Crunch, and One Leg Ball Burpee.  The moves shown in bold print were the ones that caused my heart rate to sky rocket.  🙂
  • A couple of side notes about the core work.  You’re going to have to adjust, alternate, find your weaknesses, and understand that we all have them.  You find them, practice them, and conquer them.  Don’t give up on them.  Use alternate moves as needed, but push yourself to do better, to do more.  When you learn the moves and can do them better, then work harder.  No one can make you work hard, no one can push you, unless you have a workout partner.  If you are like me, and workout by yourself, you have to be the one that not only puts in the work, but pushes yourself to do more.  I talk to myself all the time.  lol. I learned I have some weak areas to improve on in this workout.  And I WILL IMPROVE.  Find your weakness, and you do the same.
  • The cool down and stretch is about 6 minutes.  Please, please please don’t skip this.  I’m the world’s worst at having the “Go Go Go” mentality.  Slow down and recover.  I have to constantly remind myself that the body grows, the muscles grow while at rest.  Work hard during your workouts, work really hard.  Then recover!  Don’t skip the recovery, that only leads to injury.
  • Can you travel with this P90X2 workout? Yes. This workout can be easily modified for use while traveling. No excuses.

P90X2 Equipment Required:

  • P90X2 EquipmentStability Ball or Towel and Sturdy chair
  • Foam Roller or Bands
  • Weights or Bands (I never used weights at all)
  • Mat (Optional)
  • 1 Medicine Ball (Optional)
  • Worksheets
  • Water and Towel

So that’s it for this P90X2 Review of X2 Core. Let’s wrap up…

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Who should consider P90X2?

  1. Those that have graduated from P90XInsanityInsanity AsylumChalean ExtremeTurbo Fire or other advanced program.
  2. Athletes
  3. Power 90 graduates can also consider P90X2, although they may want to stay in Phase 1 of the program for a longer period of time.

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