P90X2 X2 YogaIn this P90X2 Review, let’s talk about a workout that I typically hate. Yoga.  I have been trying to like Yoga since 2007.  So far, I have been very unsuccessful.  I’m not gonna to lie to you, and if you’ve read one of my Insanity Reviews, you know that I’m honest and fair.  So let me tell you where I’ve been.  It all started with Power 90, and in the Sweat 1-2 workouts, you had a very brief Power Yoga sequence.  (Not terrible.)  Then I started my first round of P90X, and WOW the Yoga routine was 90 minutes.  Since I refused to do a 90 minute workout, I resolved to doing the first half, and skipped the balance moves.  I imagine some of you reading this, love yoga, and probably did the entire 90 minutes.  If so, I commend you.  Honest and true, I wish I could get myself to do 90 minutes.  lol.  I whole-heartedly believe in the benefits of Yoga.  Then after P90X, came the P90X One on One workouts.  The Fountain of Youth and the Patience Hummingbird workouts brought renewed hope and were shorter!  They were both about 45 minutes and this was great for me!  Now the One on One Series did have another Yoga routine, but to be honest, I never did it.  I hate Yoga.  I love the benefits and how I feel after the workouts, but just can’t stay consistent.  Now you’re caught up to present day.  Today, I tried my first P90X2 workout, and it just so happened to be X2 Yoga.  So with that being said, let’s get on with the review, and talk about the workout I typically hate the most…..

P90X2 Review – X2 Yoga, I think I like it…..

P90X2 X2 YogaThat’s about a glowing of a review as you’re going to get out of me.  I like it.  It’s still Yoga, but it wasn’t miserable.  And believe it or not, I am making a commitment right now, to all of you, that I will do X2 Yoga at least once a week.

As far as comparing X2 Yoga to all the others.  It might just be my favorite, although I like Fountain of Youth at a close second.

So what makes X2 Yoga my favorite?  Let’s break it down:

The workout is 67 minutes, but you can easily shave off 7 minutes or so and make it a 60 minute workout.  But the entire 67 minutes is NOT just Yoga.

  • You start off with a stretch, and man oh man… did the warm up stretch feel good.  This stretch last about 6 minutes.
  • P90X2 X2 YogaThe Power Yoga portion is approximately 39 minutes. Give or take.  You have some stretch moves in between, so it’s not like you don’t get a break.  The great thing about this part of the workout, is that Tony starts you off slow.  Tony breaks down each individual sequence, and then you repeat it 2 to 4 times at a faster pace.  Since you did a walk through, you can pretty much do the faster sequence without having to constantly look at the screen for assistance.  I was able to follow along fairly well with just listening to the verbal cues.  Now I did have to keep an eye on the screen, but it didn’t seem too challenging or that often, and I’m confident that this routine will be an easy one to learn.
  • Next up on the list were some ab/core exercises.  Yogi Bicycle, Abrinome, Split Leg Reach Crunch, and Bridge & Wheel.  The ab/core portion lasted about  5 minutes.
  • Then you moved right into some balance/stretch moves.  I enjoyed this! The stretch felt great, and it’s just what the doctor ordered.  Starting out with Happy Baby, Roll Like a Ball, Frog, Pigeon, Forward Bend, Plow/Shoulder Stand, and Spinal Twist.  This little sequence is about 13 minutes.
  • The last 4 minutes, I can do without.  Shavasana, Fetal Position, Cross Legged Position, and I think they even throw in a OHhmmm.  I’ll pass.  But you may actually like, and that’s cool too.  For me, I can skip this, save 4 minutes, and watch it in fast forward mode.  By skipping these moves and the Shoulder stand, I’m at my 60 minute mark, and that makes the entire workout “acceptable” in my book.
  • Can you travel with this P90X2 workout? Yes. This workout can be easily modified for use while traveling. No excuses.

So that’s it for this P90X2 Review of X2 Yoga. Let’s wrap up…

P90X2 X2 YogaOverall, this is my favorite Yoga workout so far, and you’ve seen my list above, so that says something.  I don’t hate it, I don’t love it, but I will do it weekly for 90 days.  I always get emails from people asking if it’s okay to replace Yoga with something else.  I also get emails saying these types of workouts are their favorites.  Crazy world, we all like what we like, and we all have favorites, pros and cons, likes and dislikes.  But I think we can all agree that Tony Horton rocks, and P90X and P90X2 are fantastic workout programs.  I hope you enjoyed my review, and that you find it helpful and informative.  If you do appreciate the review, won’t you please share it with others using the options below, and please consider supporting me and the website by visiting our store the very next time you have a need for Beachbody products or supplements.  We are an authorized distributor, and appreciate your business.

If I can help you in your fitness journey, or if you have questions, please feel free to contact me or comment below. Good luck with P90X2!  If you want to read another P90X2 Review, you can find them all by clicking here.

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Who should consider P90X2?

  1. Those that have graduated from P90XInsanityInsanity AsylumChalean ExtremeTurbo Fire or other advanced program.
  2. Athletes
  3. Power 90 graduates can also consider P90X2, although they may want to stay in Phase 1 of the program for a longer period of time.

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