P90X2 Review - X2 Ab RipperIn this P90X2 review, let’s talk about the workout, but then let’s also talk about how to get 6 pack abs.  Even if your main goal is not a “visible” 6 pack, you still need an ab/core workout, like this one.  However, if you do want a 6-pack, there is one minor problem… this workout by itself will not get you 6 pack abs!


It’s true.  Six pack abs can only be accomplished if you combine a proper diet and ab exercises.  The old saying is still true, “Abs are made in the kitchen.”  For a “visible” six pack, your diet and nutrition is KEY.  And we’ll talk about that more below.

P90X2 Review - X2 Ab RipperBut what if you’re not necessarily wanting to get a “visible” 6-pack, but instead, you’d like to just be healthy and fit.   If that’s you, ab/core exercises are still important.  You need a strong core, regardless.  Your core is not just your ab muscles, but your lower back as well.  A strong core can help your balance & stability (which is a focus point in X2).  It can also help prevent lower back pain, improve your posture, and how well you can function (walking, turning, pivoting, lifting, every day living!).

Regardless of your goals, you need this workout…. so let’s get to the P90X2 Review.

P90X2 Review – X2 Ab Ripper, The Workout….

  • This workout is approximately 16 minutes.  
  • The actual workout is 15 minutes.  Here’s the breakdown:
  1. P90X2 Review - X2 Ab RipperScissor Twist
  2. Row Your Boat
  3. Superman Banana X
  4. Oblique Roll Crunch
  5. Roll V Hold
  6. Abrinome
  7. Gate Bridge lift
  8. Phelon Twist
  9. Scissor Clapper
  10. Tornado
  11. Balance Bike Crunch
  • This workout is challenging.  The first week, I struggled to complete all the exercises.  However, with continued work, and as weeks have passed, I am able to progress further and further each week.  When you first start this workout, be prepared for it to be extremely challenging.  Here’s why:
  1. This is a brand new ab workout. New workouts are always more challenging the first few times.
  2. This is a tough workout!  Not to mention, the ab workout immediately follows the primary workout.  The primary workouts are tough too, so this makes the ab routine even more challenging.
  3. You will improve with each workout!
  • That’s it!  Now you have a 1 minute cool down/stretch.

Now. For those of you looking for 6 pack abs:

Unless your genetically gifted, it goes back to your nutrition.  You can do sit-ups all day long, but if you have a thick layer of body fat covering your mid section, you’ll never see your abs.  So the more dedicated you can be, the more disciplined, the better chances you have.  To help you with this, I am listing some articles below.  The first two in the series, How to Get Six Pack Abs, is more specific in helping you reach your six pack goals.  The other ones, Nutrition 911, breaks down nutrition “in general” and helps you get a better understanding on what you eat day in and day out. And finally, the last article is an “8 week transition plan” if you are just starting out and trying to get in the habit eating healthy, but don’t necessarily want to go “cold turkey”.  I hope you find something helpful in these articles!  As always, we’re happy to help!

How to Get 6 Pack Abs, Part 1

How to Get 6 Pack Abs, Part 2

Nutrition 911, Part 1: The Basics

Nutrition 911, Part II: When and What to Eat 

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Nutrition 911, Part VII: Sugar vs. Fat: Which Is Worse?

Nutrition 911, Part VIII: Pop Goes the Diet—The Worst Food in the World

8 Week Transition Diet

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Who should consider P90X2?

  1. Those that have graduated from P90XInsanityInsanity AsylumChalean ExtremeTurbo Fire or other advanced program.
  2. Athletes
  3. Power 90 graduates can also consider P90X2, although they may want to stay in Phase 1 of the program for a longer period of time.

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