The release of Tropical Shakeology is just around the corner.

When exactly?  Think PINK, as in Valentine’s Day.  And where exactly can you get yours.  Right here.

I promised a few things in my blog title, so let’s cover those real quick…. We are happy to announce that we have quite a few more details regarding this new “Vegan” Shakeology.  You can browse the gallery images below.  Read the captions, and click on the pictures to zoom the image to read the contents.

Next… Did someone say FREE samples?  That’s correct. will be selecting 3 winners per week, for FOUR weeks.  We will be sending the winner a free sample of Tropical Shakeology!  So how do you sign up.  Right here.  Just subscribe to our free Tropical Shakeology mailing list.  You can unsubscribe at any time, but the winners will be from the list.  So stay at least long enough to see if you win!

[alert]This free sample giveaway has expired.  This was a promotional giveaway for the release of Tropical Shakeology on 3/14/12.  As a result of the contest, I gave away 12 samples and a 30 day supply!  Sign up for my newsletter to get in on new giveaways! [/alert]

Even better than that…. We’re giving away a FREE 30 day supply. Details on the mailing list, go sign up so you can play along with us!  🙂

[note]The giveaway only lasts from 2/14/12 through 3/14/12.[/note]

Please fee free to comment your thoughts and reviews on Tropical Shakeology once you’ve had a chance to try it!  We’d love your feedback!  Don’t forget to catch us on Facebook!  Talk to you soon!