All workouts require a degree of motivation and at times it can feel like an uphill struggle!

Various things can happen that will make you feel lazy, zap your motivation, and ultimately skipping workouts!  If you’re following the Insanity Workout by Shaun T you know how much effort, dedication, and motivation is needed  to complete a workout and get the best results possible.

Maybe your motivation is starting to slip away and you need a little help.   If that’s YOU, here are some tips to help you keep your focus and achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

1.  Set yourself some clear and well defined goals. Then write them down, post them someplace where you can see them daily.  Then read them daily.

2.  Let others know that you’re following the Insanity Workout.  When your friends, family, and co-workers know you’re working out, you automatically want those people to see you succeed.  This can give you extra motivation.  Also, ask them for help, ask them to help you stay on track and accountable.

3.  Follow the schedule!  Insanity comes with a workout calendar.  You will have a specific workout for each day.  Just follow the schedule.  Treat these workouts like a top priority on your “to do” list.  Set a time for each workout, and treat it just like any other priority in your day.  Wake up (check)… workout (check)…. eat breakfast (check)… you get the idea.  Doing this will make it harder for you to come up with excuses as to why you don’t have enough time to work out.

4.  There will be bad days, when following the Insanity Workout.   If you have a bad day, and miss a workout… or stray from your meal plan, don’t beat yourself up too much.  Recognize that you’re a human being and make mistakes.  Just tell yourself that you are getting right back on track the next day!

5.  You will get sore, you will get tired, and you will have to work hard.  I’ve been there.  Believe me… I’ve been there. So has many, many others.  What makes you different from the rest of us?  Absolutely nothing!  That means, when you get sore and tired, you do what the rest of us did.  You work through it.  This blog post on sore muscles will help. You dig deep, you push harder, and you get determined and stubborn.  You read your WHY above on number one, and you keep going!

6.  Get a Coach.  A coach is someone that can help you with questions, motivation, and accountability.  If you need a coach, or would like one, then visit my free fitness coach page.  I would be happy to help you!  If you’re super serious about reaching your fitness goals, then maybe you would like to join one of my Beachbody Challenge groups.  Email me for info!

Lastly – know that you CAN succeed on this workout!  When you first start Insanity, your end goals may seem a long way away…. but as the days progress you will start seeing results and this will give you even more motivation. Cross off each day on the workout calendar, and next thing you know, you’re done, and then you’ll be transformed into a new person, because if you make it to the end, you have mastered discipline, determination, and perseverance.   Now nothing is outside of your reach, the sky’s the limit! Good luck!