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Today let’s talk about Les Mills PUMP & Burn.  This video is 41 minutes, 11 seconds in length.  But, the actual workout time involved, including warm-up and cool-down is approximately 22 minutes.  There is quite a bit of intro before each section is started.  This is primarily for explanation of the track to follow.  And, there is a modifier for each section.

Les Mills PUMP & Burn is comprised of 6 sections.  I’ll discuss each one with a small description of the moves involved and the total time of that particular section.

  1. WARM-UP:  This is 3 minutes and 49 seconds long.  You’ll start off in set position and move through the track doing dead lifts, dead rows, triple rows, and squats.  A good warm-up weight is 5 lbs.
  2. SQUATS: This track is 4 minutes and 52 seconds long.  The modifier in this track is 5 lbs. on the bar.  The suggested weights are as follows: Beginner – 10 lbs. , Intermediate – 15 lbs., Advanced – 20-25+ lbs.  The tempos in this set are 4/4, 3/1, 2/2, singles, and bottom halves.  The track is ended with a quick quad stretch.
  3. Les-Mills-Pump-HeaderCHEST:  A 4 minute and 54 second Les Mills PUMP track.    With this one you can utilize a step or weight bench (if you have one) to increase your range of motion.  The modifier on this one is 5 lbs.  The suggested weights are: Beginner – 5 lbs., Intermediate – 10-15 lbs., Advanced – 20-25+ lbs.  Tempos are 4/4, 2/2, 3/1, singles, bottom halves, and down & hold.
  4. LEGS & BACK:  This section is 4 minutes and 46 seconds.  Modifier is 5 lbs.  Weights suggested are: Beginner – 5-10 lbs., Intermediate – 10-15 lbs., and Advanced – 20-25+ lbs.  Starting in set position you will follow the familiar tempos of dead lift 2/2, dead lift 3/1, clean and press with triple row, single wide row, and triple wide row.  This is a great work out for your back, butt, and hamstrings.
  5. ABS:  The last working track of the video at 4 minutes long.  The modifier on this one is no weights.  Otherwise, it’s a single plate that is within your fitness level.  5 or 10 lbs.  It’s a simple track consisting of 3 moves.  The first 2 are alternating 3 times: single leg drop and crunches.  Both of these are done holding your plate over your head while lying on your back.  With the single leg drop, your legs are elevated, knees above hips.  Extending one leg at a time while extending your arms over and away from your head.  I believe crunches are self-explanatory, but with the addition of holding the plate over your head.  Lastly, the hover.  For this one you will place your elbows on the floor in line under your shoulders.  Knees on the floor, wider than your hips.  Or, you can get up on your toes but even with your hips for a challenge.  You will alternate one leg out and in, one at a time while in the “hover.”
  6. COOL DOWN:  Last, but not least, your cool down.  4 minutes and 25 seconds long.  This will stretch out the following muscles groups: lower back, hamstrings, hips, shoulders, sides, check, hip flexor, quads, IT band, and chest.

So, that’s it!!!  We just wrapped up another fabulous Les Mills PUMP review!  Next on the books will be Les Mills PUMP & Shred.  Check back next week for more!