Les Mills Pump BannerLes Mills PUMP Workout Schedule

I was thinking this morning that since I’m doing the reviews for the Les Mills PUMP series, I should probably include a small post that contains the workout schedule.  So, here it is!!!

 Les Mills PUMP Workout Schedule

If you will click on the above heading, a window should prompt you to start the download.  It is a small .pdf file that contains all 3 phases of the Les Mills PUMP workouts.  There are 13 weeks laid out for you, 7 days a week.  It is a super easy to understand schedule.  It also give you some freedom when choosing your workouts.  Let’s discuss that a bit now.

It basically works like this: you do a Les Mills PUMP weighted workout 3 days of the week, 1 rest day, and the other 3 days are cardio or stretch/yoga.  Pretty simple.  The beauty of the cardio days is that you can kind of pick and choose what cardio you like.  They show “WALK’ on the schedule, but maybe you’re not a walker?  Maybe you want to go running, do one of your favorite cardio DVDs, cycling, swimming, or whatever you want!  I like to do a Tony Horton One on One sometimes just to mix it up.  2 of my favorites are Tony Horton One on One Medicine Ball Cardio (Vol. 1, Disc 10) or One on One Cardio Intervals (Vol. 2, Disc 1).   They aren’t terribly long, and easy to follow along….not always easy to perform.  🙂  Also, there is a supplemental Les Mills PUMP DVD set called Les Mills PUMP Ultimate Cross Training.  It is a 3 disc set that contains 3 cardio workouts.  Sports Attack is my personal favorite from that set.  I’ll do reviews on that particular series later on down the road.

That’s it in a nutshell for this post.  I should have Les Mills PUMP and Burn ready early next week for your reading pleasure….