Looking for help fighting fat?  Look no further.  This is a quick list of 7 foods that can help you battle fat.  Just some “food” for thought.  🙂

roasted-potatoes-400Potatoes: Yep, potatoes.  Didn’t see that one coming, did you?  Don’t over do it and eat a whole pot of mashed potatoes.  But, a decent serving of potatoes is under 175 calories.  Potatoes are 3 times more filling than a slice of white bread.  They are also found at the top of the satiety (fill you up) index.  The “resistant starch” in potatoes can help your body burn off some fat, as well.

orange-400Oranges:  Chock full of fiber and it’s the number one fruit at the top of the satiety index.  And, an average size orange is about 60 calories.  Oh, and they’re yummy, too.  Don’t forget they are also packed with vitamin C.


skim-milk-woman-400Skim Milk:   It does a body good.  Milk contains lots of protein (whey and casein) and the CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)  found in milk is a fat fighter, too.  A cup of milk has about 85 calories in it.  Oh, and don’t forget the calcium!


goat-cheese-400Cheese:  But, not just any cheese….fresh goat or feta cheese.  About 75 calories an ounce, this one can make you feel full.  Goat and feta cheese contains CLA, as well.  Try to buy the kind that comes from “grass fed animals,” these contain the most CLA.


pine-nuts-400Pine nuts:  Not as popular as almonds, but good for you just the same.  The fatty acids found in these help fight fat.  About 100 calories for 1/2 ounce.


dark-chocolate-400Dark Chocolate:  Yep, another shocker!  About 175 calories for one ounce.  Certain compounds in the chocolate help to make you feel full longer.  And, the dark chocolate can help curb your cravings for salty, sweet, and fatty foods.  Not too shabby, and it tastes wonderful!


fried-egg-400Eggs:  Love eggs!!!  About 80 calories each, they are packed with protein, which helps you feel satisfied longer.  They are so versatile, you can eat them so many ways!!!


So, keep these things in mind the next time you go grocery shopping.  They might help you…in more ways than one!!!