Les Mills Pump BannerLes Mills PUMP & Shred

This is DVD #3 in the Les Mills PUMP set.  Like the others before it, PUMP & Shred is a weight workout with some variations and a bit longer in length.  Each weight workout in the set builds on what you’ve already done by adding some new moves and some longer times.  This review (and upcoming reviews about the PUMP series) will be a bit more condensed, as to cut down on some of the redundancy of content.

Les Mills PUMP & Shred is 45 minutes, 42 seconds long.  As always, there is someone showing modifications for each working track.  The intro on this one is about a minute long, and the warm-up is about 5 minutes long.  Your warm-up weights are the same as before, 5-10 lbs, depending on your fitness level.  They do throw in arms this time, joining back and butt, shoulders, and legs.

Squats: this track is about 5 minutes, 35 seconds.  All the tempos are the same as the earlier workouts, just a bit longer.  Weights: beginner – 10lbs, intermediate – 15 lbs, and advanced 20 – 25 + lbs.

Les-Mills-Pump-HeaderChest: 4 minutes, 52 seconds long, and the tempos are the same.  They do add a twist this go around: 16 push-ups during the last 30 seconds of the track.  Weights: beginner – 5 lbs, intermediate – 10-15 lbs, and advanced 20-25 + lbs.

Legs and Back: nothing new here  4 minutes, 48 seconds long.  Weights: beginner – 5-10 lbs, intermediate: 10-15 lbs, and advanced: 20-25 + lbs.

Lunges: in this PUMP track we finally see something a little bit different.  During the 5 minutes and 20 seconds of this track you will add in some squats in the middle and end.  The first round of squats is about a minutes, the second round is about 30 seconds.  Weights: beginner – 5 lbs, intermediate – 10-15 lbs, and advanced – 20-25+ lbs.

Shoulders: also something a little extra.  The shoulder track is four minutes, 23 seconds long.  It is plates only, 5 lbs.  Or, 10 lbs. if you’ve been doing it awhile or want a challenge.  You can always drop down to a lighter weight.  You start out with push-ups of various tempos: 2/2, singles, down and hold.  Then, you will do rear deltoid raise for 4/4, singles, up and hold, and singles.  Followed by side raises and overhead presses.  This track can prove to be a challenge the last minute or so.

Abs: last but not least.  About 4 minutes in length you will do some moves you are already familiar with like the hover and hover with arm sweep.  Also, crunches with a 2/2 tempo and crunches where you pulse 3 times.  The new move is the cross crawl.  You will lie on your back with your legs up.  Drop one toe and then reach across with your arm of the same side.  This is great for the obliques.  Then they bump it up a notch by having you extended the whole leg and extending that same side arm and holding.

Cool-down: last track of the DVD is 4 minutes and 14 seconds.  You will stretch your glutes, lower back, hamstrings, abs, hip flexors, chest, quads, shoulders, and triceps.

This is it!  Just 2 more weight workouts to review in the series, then we will move on to the other videos complimentary to the set.  Next up, Les Mills PUMP Revolution.