Focus T25 - No Time to Workout“I don’t have time to work out.” If this is you’re excuse, than I regret to inform you, Focus T25 is your “excuse buster”.

Almost all of us have made this excuse at one time or another.  After all, who wants to go and exercise in a gym for one or two hours!

Fortunately the solution has finally arrived in the form of a hot new work out program that takes just 25 minutes, 5 days a week.

The Focus T25 Program

As the name suggests, you will need to focus because these short workouts will be relying on intensity to deliver the amazing results they’re capable of.

Focus T25 is split into Alpha and Beta cycles, and here is what you can expect from each workout:

Alpha Cycle

  • Cardio – 25 minutes of simple, straightforward cardio to ignite your metabolism and get your body burning calories
  • Speed 1.0 – This workout is all about speed, crank up the furnace even more by upping the intensity.
  • Total Body Circuit – This total body circuit will help you to build your strength and endurance levels without having to touch a single dumbbell or barbell.
  • Ab Intervals – Cardio and abdominal intervals will get you focusing on your core, building up your abs and stripping away the fat to reveal a chiselled masterpiece.
  • Lower Focus – This workout places its focus on your lower body and by this point your metabolism will be firing on all cylinders.
  • That’s week 1 of Alpha.  Now, shuffle the order, and repeat for a total of five weeks. The schedule is included, you just have to follow along.

Beta Cycle

  • Core Cardio – This is a progressive core-cardio workout that is all about tightening up and obliterating body fat.
  • Speed 2.0 – The speed workout is back with a vengeance and this time you’ll be blasting a core-centric speed routine.
  • Rip’T Circuit – This resistance styled circuit/cardio session will work your entire body to maximize the metabolic stimulation and get your whole body ripped to shreds. A resistance band or dumbbells are needed. (A resistance band is included.)
  • Dynamic Core – On this day you’ll be doing a dynamic core workout which involves all manner of interesting exercises to strengthen and shape your core.
  • Upper Core – Unlike the lower body workout in the Alpha cycle, this workout involves building your upper body, including your chest, shoulders, arms, and back.
  • That’s week 1 of Beta. Again, you will shuffle the order and repeat for a total of 5 weeks.  Also, just like Alpha, the schedule is included.
  • When you’re finished with this cycle, you have completed Focus T25!

Focus T25 Gamma Package

If you’ve got what it takes and you’ve managed to make it through Focus T25, be sure to check out the Focus T25 Gamma Package which will take you even further than you imagined possible.

In this package, you’ll receive three more advanced 25-minute workouts which are designed to get you improving your flexibility, endurance, and explosive strength, all the while building muscle and destroying fat.

The Focus T25 Gamma Package also includes some useful training tools such as the BeachBody®miniMAT, B-Lines® Resistance Bands, and a PURE GAMMA Calendar to help you schedule and plan your intense workouts.

If you’re looking for just the Gamma DVDs and do not want or need the equipment, then check out the DVD Only Package.

The Gamma Package is perfect for those of you who are ready to take things to the next level and achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Focus T25 Facebook Challenge Group

Customers that purchase the Focus T25 program – smart move, by the way – will also receive an invitation to join the Focus T25 Challenge Group on Facebook.

This group will be the ideal place to meet like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and receive supportive feedback while you work through the program.

The great thing about this is that not only are you saving time on unnecessarily long workouts, you’ll also meet some great people along the way and get all the support you could ever need, be it emotional support if you had a hard day or hints and tips to help you get the most out of Focus T25 program.