Focus T25 Core CardioFocus T25 Review: Core Cardio (Beta Phase).

This Focus T25 Review is for Core Cardio. This is an easy workout to describe, think cardio and engaging the core during cardio. Shaun T named these workouts appropriately. Since we’re in BETA now, cardio is picking up a bit, as it should. The good news… it’s staying true to the name of T25, because its still only a 25 minute workout. A word of CAUTION, do your own warmup and stretch. I do a quick 4-5 minute warmup and stretch before these workouts, and am always glad that I do!

Equipment Needed for the Focus T25 Core Cardio workout:


What I enjoyed about Focus T25 Core Cardio:

This workout doesn’tt require any equipment and it’s a sweat fest cardio routine. The first portion is all cardio work and drills. Following the cardio sequence, you’ll go through some “pulses” both from the lunge and squat position. Throw in some plyo moves, plank drills, and burpees, and you’ll thoroughly appreciate when Shaun T says “TIME”. Oh, and don’t forget the “BURNOUT”.

If you are a Focus T25 Beginner:

By now, you all know that your modifications will come from Tania. Keep an eye on her if you need to modify your routine. She is always on the front right of your TV screen. Since we’re in Beta now, this section will be removed from future reviews. It’s ok if you still need to modify, but after 5 weeks in Alpha, if you can’t find Tania by now, I can no longer help you, lol 😉

If you are a Insanity/Asylum graduate:

I think it’s safe to say that these workouts are INTENSE enough. I think the only problem graduates will face now is whether or not you feel they are LONG enough. If you feel like you need more punishment, add in OverTime from Asylum, or Fast & Furious. This bit of advice will likely carry over into all the other workouts in Beta and Gamma, so this section will be removed in future reviews as well.

Last thing about Focus T25 Core Cardio:

Not just for this workout, but the entire program. Nutrition is SUPER important. Eat clean, follow the plan, and go after your fitness goals! I know eating clean is tough stuff, but it’s worth it! This was the same advice in my last review, but is worth repeating, it’s that important.

Get the absolute MOST from your Focus T25 workout:

If you purchased Focus T25 or Shakeology, or anything from, I personally invite you to our Challenge group. I’m in this group every single day, answering questions, motivating, and encouraging each challenger to do their best and look their best. Not to mention, the challengers are a great group of people. They inspire ME everyday too! So if you purchased T25 from us, go to this link and request an invitation. If you are not yet a customer, jump over to our store and make a purchase, then fill in the form and request an invitation. We’ll see you there!

That’s it for this Focus T25 Review. See you next time!

Focust T25 Review
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