Focus T25 Review: Lower FocusFocus T25 Review: Lower Focus (Alpha Phase).

This Focus T25 Review is for Lower Focus. For this review you can look forward to “short & sweet”. Much like the Focus T25 workout. I’m loving this program so far. I have had the opportunity to try 3 of the workouts, and I must say, I can definitely get spoiled with this 25 minute workout schedule! A leg workout has never been my favorite, I must admit, but like every program I have ever done with Beachbody, I do them as scheduled. Like it or not! LOL. Well, let’s get to the Focus T25 Review!

Equipment Needed for the Focus T25 Lower Focus workout:


What I enjoyed about Focus T25 Lower Focus:

As stated above, a LEG workout is never my favorite. So I enjoyed this workout being only 25 minutes! 🙂

But with that part aside, this is a progressive leg workout. So you will complete an exercise and then move on to a slightly more intense version of that exercise. Lunges is one of my least favorite, and there are plenty in this workout. Squats (no problem), Calves (no problem), Lunges (ugh!).

There is not a warmup before this workout, so I would consider doing a quick 2-3 minute stretch and warmup prior. After the workout there is a 3 minute cool down stretch. I highly recommend BOTH.

If you are a Focus T25 Beginner:

Watch Tania, she’s wearing a gray/white sports bra, black shorts, gray shoes, and black hair. On the right side of the screen, as you watch the TV. Tania is modifying the entire workout, so stick with her pace, push past your comfort zone, and progress as you are able.

If you are a Insanity/Asylum graduate:

If you are going deep into your squats, and doing deep lunges, and can still finish strong… then add some light weights to your squats and lunges.

Last thing about Focus T25 Lower Focus:

Don’t cheat yourself, push yourself, you can do more than you give yourself credit for! Don’t give up, rest as needed, and then get back in the game. You can do it!

Get the absolute MOST from your Focus T25 workout:

If you purchased Focus T25 or Shakeology, or anything from, I personally invite you to our Challenge group. I’m in this group every single day, answering questions, motivating, and encouraging each challenger to do their best and look their best. So if you purchased T25 from us, go to this link and request an invitation. If you are not yet a customer, jump over to our store and make a purchase, then fill in the form and request an invitation. We’ll see you there!

That’s it for this Focus T25 Review. See you next time!

focus t25 review
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