Focus T25 Review - Gamma WorkoutsFocus T25 Reviews: Gamma Workouts.

This Focus T25 Review is for all of the Gamma Phase workouts. I’m going to break with my traditional single workout review and combine all the workouts in Gamma into one Focus T25 Review.  There are four workouts in the Gamma package: Extreme Circuit, Rip’T Up, Pyramid, and Speed 3.0.  As an additional note,  let me start by saying that Gamma is the “add-on” package to the base Focus T25 package. There are 3 options when purchasing Gamma….

You can buy the Focus T25 Deluxe package which includes Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and some extra equipment.  Or you can opt to buy the Base Focus T25 package and then add either the Gamma DVD Only package or the Gamma plus equipment package.  I have linked the various packages to our store, so you can check them out.  Personally, I had the equipment already, so I grabbed the base package and the Gamma DVD only.  But its your choice.
Once you have the Gamma package, you actually get 8 more weeks of workouts!  Gamma comes with two schedules.  One is called “Pure Gamma” and the other “Pure Strength”.  You can do one or both, and this could literally be a 10 week program or up to 18 weeks! 

At the end of Gamma, you are going to be feeling great, your workout time investment is still only 25 minutes a day, and you are getting some high intensity cardio PLUS strength training, Shaun T style. That means you are doing fast paced reps with lighter weight. If you are eating a healthy nutrition plan, and weight loss is your goal, then you can expect some great results there too. My challenge group (all graduates!) have all seen some fantastic results in both lost inches and pounds. Reports are coming in from 15, 20, 30 lbs and up. For those of you that are in good shape already and looking to maintain, I can personally speak from that aspect. My personal goal was to maintain my results from previous programs, such as: X2, Beast, Ultimate Reset etc. With 25 minutes a day, and making smart healthy food choices, I have not gained a single pound. This is the real deal, IF you are willing to work hard during that 25 minutes, and make healthy food choices. So let’s get to the Focus T25 Review, Gamma Phase.

Equipment Needed for the Focus T25 Cardio workout:

Resistance Band(s) or Dumbbells and possible a mat. (Seriously consider PowerBlocks, super durable, convenient, and quick to change weight.)

What I enjoyed about Focus T25 Gamma:

If you’re busy, short on time, trying to fit 100 things to do in a day into a short 24 hour period, then T25 is PERFECT for you. If you are trying to lose weight, and willing to put in 25 minutes of hard work, and eat clean, then T25 is perfect for you too! If you want to maintain previous results from other extreme programs…. Yep…. Perfect again. I LOVE IT! I’ll be using T25 to supplement for many workout routines in the near future. Your time excuse is gone now, so invest 25 minutes into YOURSELF, and get RESULTS or even better KEEP your previous RESULTS.

If you are a Focus T25 Beginner:

Watch Tania, she is always on the front right side as you look at your television!

If you are a Insanity/Asylum graduate:

Have you graduated T25? Comment your thoughts below. Found a way to make it more intense, share them!

Focus T25 Review: Gamma Extreme Circuit

This is my favorite workout of the Gamma series. This is weight training. Once you put your hands on the dumbbells or resistance band, get comfortable with it, because you use them for the entire time! Don’t think heavy weight either. This is fast paced, so your gonna be doing a lot of reps. Your goal here is to pick a weight, and maintain it throughout the workout. But I caution you, maintain good form, and work hard. When you can move up and keep good form, go for it! Gamma is going to challenge you physically and mentally. But then again, everything Shaun T does challenges you mentally and physically, lol.

T25 Review: Gamma Rip’T Up

This workout has some challenging moves in it. You’ll be surprised. Again, you’re using weights or a band, and you may need a mat. If you have a pull-up bar (not required) you can even use it. When I first did this workout, I hated it. Maybe that’s because it challenged me mentally, or maybe it was hard to get my groove and learn the moves right away. Whatever it was, it was short lived, now its one of my favorites too!

T25 Review: Gamma Pyramid

This workout is still up in the air for me. I like it, but I can’t say that I love it just yet. It’s a great workout, don’t get me wrong. This is my 4th week of Gamma, and there are still two “pyramids” that just destroy me. lol. But I’m working hard, I’m pushing myself, and I will get to the top eventually. With the Pyramid workout, you’re progressing…. 1 rep… 2 reps…. 3 reps…. you get the idea. Just when you think you have Shaun T figured out, and you start telling yourself, “We’re going to 8 like the last round”…. wrong….. you go to 11. It’s a great workout, you’ll love it…. 🙂

T25 Review: Gamma Speed 3.0

Out of all the Speed workouts, naturally this is the hardest. It’s supposed to be. Even though its the hardest, its my favorite Speed workout! It’s going to take you a time or two to get the moves down. You’re moving! But once you get the hang of it, calories are going to fly, the sweat too! It’s a really a fun workout, despite being so challenging. You’re moving the entire time, and by the time you realize it, it’s all over. This workout has burpees in it too, and I love burpees (call me crazy). Get in the zone, and have fun with it!

Get the absolute MOST from your Focus T25 workout:

If you purchased Focus T25 or Shakeology, or anything from, I personally invite you to our Challenge group. I’m in this group every single day, answering questions, motivating, and encouraging each challenger to do their best and look their best. So if you purchased T25 from us, go to this link and request an invitation. If you are not yet a customer, jump over to our store and make a purchase, then fill in the form and request an invitation. We’ll see you there!

That’s it for this Focus T25 Reviews! See you next time on the next program!