30minutesShaun T’s Focus T25 won’t get you ready for the Olympics, and Tony Horton’s P90X3 won’t prepare you for the Ironman Triathlon either. But if you’re a busy adult whose days are consumed with kids, career, and housework, it’s a great way for you get fit and stay in shape by devoting just 25-30 minutes per day to exercise.

Shaun T & Tony Horton designed these programs specifically for busy adults. With Focus T25 and P90X3 there’s no excuse not to get fit—if you really want to. You can’t even use the excuse that it would be too hard, because both have modifications and designed for all fitness levels. Even those with the most hectic of schedules can spare 25 or 30 minutes! They just have to make the commitment to work out every day.

What makes these two programs so effective? They both  exercise your entire body with moves that work every major muscle group. Not one second gets wasted. You have cardio and resistance workouts for maximum benefits in cardio health and toning muscle.

Both programs can be completed in your own home, with just a little space.  I have several customers just moving a coffee table and working out in their living rooms. Concerned about equipment? You can use weights, but resistance bands are a cost effective way to get a great workout for less.

So we’ve eliminated several excuses. Time… space…. equipment…. sure you might think of others, but with the big ones out of the way, why not toss the other excuses aside, and start getting in shape? T25 has a 30 day guarantee and P90X3 has a 90 day guarantee (less S&H), so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.