Insanity Max: 30 is coming soon, and while we wait, let’s take a closer look at Month 1.

The workouts in Month 1 of Insanity MAX: 30 will consist of 2 Cardio workouts, 2 Strength Workouts and 1 Friday Fight.

Insanity MAX:30 Month 1 Workouts

After listening to one of Shaun T’s pep talks, he states (paraphrasing here…)  “It’s OK to MAX out… and guess what, if you really push yourself, dig deep down, and push yourself, then you WILL MAX out.  And that’s OK. You have to find your own personal barrier, and then break past that barrier, that’s how you’re going to get results. That’s how you’ll succeed. You are the competition. No one else. We’re all different, we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some will MAX out sooner, and some will MAX out later.  We’re all different and at different levels of fitness. So find your barrier, break through, and then you get results.  Don’t stop after you plateau, but give just a little bit more.”

I’m excited about this program. I’m excited to push play with my EFIT challenge group starting Jan. 5.  And remember, when you purchase MAX:30 at, you’ll also have the option to join the challenge group (not mandatory by any means). But if you are interested, just respond to my personal invitation after your purchase. The EFIT Challenge group encourages, motivates, and pushes each other forwards on a daily basis.  We hold one another accountable. And on Jan. 5, I guess we MAX OUT every day together too.

Don’t forget to subscribe for free email updates and a change to win a free Insanity MAX: 30, no purchase necessary to win. Here’s the link to subscribe, and the Month 1 workouts are below!

Insanity MAX: 30: Sweat Intervals. You’ll be glad Sweat Intervals is only 30 minutes.

Insanity MAX: 30: Cardio Challenge. Get ready for intense, sweaty, crazy cardio in just 30 minutes!

Insanity MAX: 30: Tabata Power. Your body is your equipment. You have the power within you, now use it!

Insanity MAX: 30: Tabata Strength.  First you get the POWER then you build the STRENGTH using your body and mind as your equipment!

Insanity MAX: 30: Friday Fight: Round 1. This is the point where you have to go inside your head and say “I CAN do this!” It’s the fight between your mind and your body. Which will win?