Insanity Max: 30 will be available at on December 2, 2014. Extremely-Fit will also provide a bonus “exclusive” workout to its customers called “Sweat Fest”. If you want the bonus workout, be sure to purchase at EFIT!

The workouts in Month 2 of Insanity MAX: 30 will consist of 2 Cardio workouts, 2 Strength Workouts and 1 Friday Fight.  The Month 2 workouts will still be 30 minutes, but will be harder workouts overall. The workout sets will be longer, and the breaks shorter.

Let’s quickly go back and discuss the program. This workout is for everyone.  As Shaun T states, you can start with the modifier, and work harder as you are able. Shaun T says, he doesn’t care how long you last in the workout, just as long as you are doing your best! He recommends that you never push pause on the DVD, but take breaks as needed.

Remember also that I have my EFIT Challenge group starting on Jan. 5.  If you’d like to participate, make sure to purchase your copy of MAX:30 at The challenge group is not mandatory by any means, but if you’re interested, just respond to my personal invitation after your purchase. The EFIT Challenge group encourages, motivates, and pushes each other forwards on a daily basis. I truly believe that you can get the best results if you have someone hold you accountable. A challenge group, a friend, a spouse, anyone. So find an accountability partner to get you through this program!

On to the Month 2 workouts!

Insanity MAX: 30: Max Out Sweat. Are you ready to sweat? MAX OUT Sweat will have you wondering if it’s possible to drown.

Insanity MAX: 30: Max Out Cardio. Just try and get past the warmup before you MAX OUT!

Insanity MAX: 30: Max Out Strength. Build your body USING your body. “Leg Day” is no longer your worst enemy.

Insanity MAX: 30: Max Out Power.  At least you get a 15 second break. You can thank me later. – Shaun T

Insanity MAX: 30: Friday Fight: Round 2. Every move is only 60 seconds. But it is the Hardest. Workout. EVER.

insanity max 30

Insanity MAX: 30: Ab Attack.
  10 minutes will never feel so long. (This workout is used during Month 1 AND 2.)

Insanity MAX: 30: Pulse. This is your Recovery. You’ll still feel a burn.  (This workout is used during Month 1 AND 2.)