So now that I’m a one-week veteran of Insanity MAX:30, I wanted to offer my thoughts and opinions.

I’ll start by saying MAX30 is a Shaun T workout, so its very cardio intense. It’s every bit Insanity, but in a 30 minute package, with a couple of exceptions. The MAX out theory is new, and if you actually pursue its intent, it makes it crazy intense. The concept behind Insanity MAX:30 is to push as hard as you can go (with good form), until you MAX out. I’m a big UFC fan, so I often say TAPPED out. After your MAX, you finish the workout with as much intensity as you can, taking breaks as needed. You have options, use the modifier or don’t. The modifier gives you a low impact, non-plyo option. Unlike any other program from Beachbody, this is the first of its kind to have a DVD option to display the modifier during the entire workout.


So I’m seeing a lot of comparisons between Insanity MAX:30 and other workouts made by Shaun T, such as: Insanity MAX:30 vs Asylum or Insanity MAX:30 vs T25.  But also, questions are being asked about Insanity MAX 30 vs other Beachbody programs, such as: Insanity MAX:30 vs P90X3. Really you could ask this type of question all day long.  What if you compared Insanity MAX:30 vs Beast or Insanity MAX30 vs PiYO or Combat, or any of the most popular Beachbody workouts. I think it’s important to look at each workout program at face value.


What’s the intent behind the workout? Then either pursue the intent, or choose the workout “type” that’s right for you. For example, Insanity has never been right for me. I enjoy weights with my workouts, or a combination thereof. I do enjoy an Insanity workout from time to time, especially if I want a big calorie burn, or if I want to build my cardiovascular intensity. But overall, weights and cardio, that’s my favorite. So Beast (which I love) is not exactly right, as I want more cardio, which Beast lacks. But justifiably so, because the intent of Beast is to build muscle mass. This filled the void of P90X, where you could add muscle, but not necessarily add mass. Simple solution, a hybrid workout of cardio and Beast. This changes the intent, but it’s ultimately what works best for you. A quick mention, you can modify P90X to build more mass.


P90X3 is great, a perfect combination of both cardio, weights, in 30 minute timeframe.


I love Combat, because I love martial arts. It has some weight-based workouts too, but the program leans more towards cardio. With that said, it’s a great program to maintain your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. I love this program to manage my fitness throughout the year.


Insanity is just crazy cardio. But its intent is to build your cardiovascular capacity and athletic endurance, not put on mass. Although you will get a nice lean build and muscle tone. Its other intent is to be a body weight only workout that you can do anywhere. Lots of people love Insanity, because the intent of the workout is exactly what they crave.


Focus T25 was designed to be a 25-minute workout for busy people that added some choreography and rhythm. Not so much that you had to be super coordinated to complete the workout. It was intense, but Insanity fans quickly realized that it wasn’t as intense as Insanity. T25 was also designed for more people to complete at any level, and it also has a modifier present. Insanity does not have a modifier at all. But due to the intent of the program, your cardio burn will never reach the levels of Insanity or MAX:30. I guess I should never say never, but for me it’s a challenge to try and make T25 more intense than what it is. You can only go so fast on some of those moves without getting out of rhythm. But I love T25 for what it is, a great workout in a short amount of time, that has a good beat and rhythm. It also has weights, and I love that part too. A fantastic way again to get in shape or maintain your results. So T25 is solid in my book.


Than you have the new Insanity MAX:30. This monster workout was designed to be an intense workout, designed to build athletic performance, speed, cardiovascular endurance, and fast power moves. Like Insanity, it’s based on bodyweight only, no weights. It was designed to be Insanity in a 30-minute package, with a crazy “MAX out” to ramp up the workout from the start. It’s more intense than T25 because it’s faster from the start, and you are not slowed down by rhythm. Your rhythm is what matters. Then add in the MAX out principle where you go as hard as you can until you can’t go anymore, you MAX Out. It’s an intense 30 minute workout.


At the end of MAX:30, I’ll undoubtedly have crazy cardiovascular endurance, and will sling weights around without being slowed down due to cardio fatigue. It was also after my first round of Insanity that I ran my fastest one mile ever. The crazy part of that story, is that I didn’t run at all before, during or after my Insanity round. I don’t enjoy running. I just had the cardiovascular endurance to sprint a mile. And when I started P90X again after Insanity, I did Chest and Back with ease, much more ease than when I did it for the first time. I remember the first Chest and Back, I needed those longer breaks between sets. After Insanity, those breaks seemed like an eternity.


So what are you looking for, me… I love weights and cardio, but more than that I LOVE variety. So stepping away from what I prefer, to add variety is my choice. It’s exactly what I need to add variety to my fitness.


You may not like cardio crazy Insanity type workouts, and that’s okay too. Do what you LOVE, do what you ENJOY, and do what gets you to workout every day. Do I love dying during my MAX:30 workouts? Yes, in a twisted way. Will I do another 60 day round after this one, probably not. But it will be a valuable DVD set to keep in my arsenal. I can add it to the variety I need in my cardio library. Not to mention, I’m betting someone here will want to do 21 Day Extreme. Or something new that comes out. That goes back to my love of variety. 🙂 If you’re on the MAX:30 journey, post your comments, what do you think? Maybe you have your own comparison? Feel free to compare your favorites below, I’d love to get your thoughts too.