Great news!  The NEW, upgraded 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix EXTREME Challenge Packs, Completion Packs, and Accessories Bundles are available now at Beachbody!

The absolute best feature of the new “REAL Time” workouts…. Each day is a UNIQUE half-hour workout featuring Autumn and cast.

21 Day Fix REAL TIME:

21 Day Fix Real Time is a fresh take on the original workouts to get you warmed up, and each week after that includes some new moves to keep you on your toes!

In Week 3 of 21 Day Fix, there’s an additional (optional) workout each day. You’ll also get a 10-minute bonus ab workout.

What you’ll need: Weights and your Core Comfort Mat; Resistance Loops can be incorporated if you wish.

21 Day Fix EXTREME Real Time:

21 Day Fix Extreme Real Time includes a 10-minute hardcore bonus workout. You’ll need weights, your Core Comfort Mat, and Resistance Bands.

These workouts are now available with your Beachbody On Demand membership.

Don’t have a membership? Get one here!