5 Things That Prevent You From Reaching Your Fitness Goals

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You want to lose weight, but you just can’t seem to reach your fitness goals. You jump from one diet program to the next, or you try every new workout routine that promises results. Here are the five common mistakes that prevent you from reaching your fitness goals.

1) You Don’t Pay Enough Attention to What You Eat

You may complete a triathlon and lose 2,500+ calories, but all that effort will go to waste by just eating one pepperoni pizza! A study conducted by University of Ottawa revealed that people eat more after exercising than when they fail to plan, or have no plan at all. The best way to fix this mistake is to eat slow-release carbs before going to the gym. This will provide you with enough energy to work hard during your workout. Then after your workout, find some protein and help your body recover. It might be a good idea to consider Beachbody Performance Recover too.

2) Expecting Results Too Soon

No supplement, exercise or diet will get rid of your excess fat overnight. Don’t expect too much, too soon. If you are consistent and persistent, you will see results guaranteed! The best way to address this problem is to set attainable goals based on a specific target. Each small achievement motivates you to keep doing what you’re supposed to do. If you continue this process, smaller goals at a time, you will eventually reach the larger goal. Be persistent!

3) Doing the Same Routine Again and Again

The human body is a miraculous thing it will adapt and overcome. Doing the same workouts again and again will lose its effectiveness over time. A study conducted by California State University revealed that the muscles need to be overloaded in order to see physical changes. This means that if you’re doing the same exercises, you will eventually stop making progress. You need to add a new exercise to your routine, increase the weight you are using or boost the intensity of your workout. All of the Beachbody workout programs come with a workout calendar, the workouts are specifically designed and arranged in a particular order to maximize results. You might want to consider Beachbody’s newest fitness program called Shift Shop! Even better get Shift Shop AND all the other Beachbody fitness programs with Beachbody on Demand.

4) Doing Only Weight Lifting or Only Cardio

Combining weight lifting and cardio will give you the BEST results. Think of it this way. The stronger your body is, the more efficient it becomes. This means that you can go faster and further and last longer. You will burn excess fat faster as well. High Intensity Interval Training or HITT is the best way to combine weight lifting and cardio. This involves short exercises at max effort and short rest periods. Your performance will improve over time since your fitness improves as well. Every session you lift more weight or run faster than before.

5) Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is bad for your health, and slows your recovery. It increases the levels of ghrelin (the hormone that makes your hungry) and decreases the amount of leptin (the hormone that makes you feel full). Not getting enough sleep also increases your stress levels. The body rebuilds when you sleep. Turn off your gadgets, turn off the TV, and allow your body to rest.

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