ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews: Burn Circuit 1

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After a quick vacation break to my sister’s house, I was able to get back to town, and jump back in to another ChaLEAN Extreme workout.

At the beginning of the workout, you are prompted once again to login to your beachbody website to track your progress with the online gym. If you purchased from Extremely-Fit and not Beachbody, you might be somewhat confused by what they mean here. This is a step you miss by purchasing from a retailer outside of Beachbody, but it is easily corrected. Simply visit my coach page, by clicking here, and then select “Play the Game”. Doing this allows you to set up a free online account, where you can play the game and use an online calendar to track your workouts and your progress. Read more about the game here.

Burn Circuit 1 is approximately 45 minutes. You warm up for about 5 minutes, then get right into the workout. I highly recommend you keep track of your weights used and reps used. The book sent with the program has a place for you to write this information down. Chalene Johnson, the trainer, recommends the same. This way you can go back on the next workout, see where you need to add weight, or drop in weight. She recommends you fail (can not lift another rep) between 10 and 12 reps. So keep this in mind. If you do 8 reps at 25 lbs for example, you may want to reduce your weight on the next workout, so you fail between 10 and 12 reps. She also promotes BowFlex SelectTech weights. These weights are adjustable weights that you can adjust by turning a dial. Very easy to use, efficient, and takes up less room then multiple dumbbells. They are on the more expensive side, but compare them to several dumbbells! Another option is resistance bands or a similar product to Select Tech, PowerBlocks. Don’t worry, the workout shows various methods, so whether you use bands, weights or dumbbells, you are covered in the dvd.

I’m sorry if I get side tracked from my review. Not only do I want you to get a good review, but a useful one too!

Burn Circuit 1 has 9 moves. For my first time, I had to guess the weight, but I did keep track and will adjust accordingly next time. On some exercises, I was too heavy, and other times too light. Most importantly, lift a weight that allows you to use proper form to prevent injury.

Sumo Squat with Hip Lift. This exercise has you in a wide squat stance with weights lifted to shoulder height, or resting on your shoulders. You lower yourself into a squat, then raise back up. Once back at the top of the movement, you raise your knee to your elbow, then repeat for the other side. This is a great exercise to work your legs and your obliques at the same time!

Lunge with Posterior Fly. This move is done by stepping out to a lunge, and then lifting one arm with lighter weight out to the side. This exercise is then repeated on the other side, opposite leg lunges, with opposite arm fly. Be careful on this move, and if this is your first time on the workout, guess lighter rather than a heavier weight, to be on the safe side.

Push-up with leg lift. I liked this one. It’s not just getting down and doing as many push ups as possible. It focuses on good form, slow movement, and squeezing the abs and glutes. At the top of the push up, you raise one leg upwards. Good stuff! I plan on using my Power Stands next time for more depth. You can also use the more affordable push up stands.

Dead Lift with Posterior Fly. Too much weight here could hurt or injury your back, be careful. Focus on form, not the amount of weight. This move has you standing with legs shoulder width apart, you bend at 90 degrees, slowly lowering the weight. Then you lift into a fly movement. This is a great exercise for the lower back, and shoulders.

Lunge with Core Rotation. This move has you holding a single weight. You step out to a lunge, and then rotate at the waist, moving the weight from one side to the next. Focus on the abs and legs during this exercise. I love working the abs, so this is a favorite.

Bench Press and Leg Lower. Another favorite. I’m finding a lot of favorites! This move has you lying on your back, and doing a slow and controlled bench press. While you are slowly lowering and raising your bench press, you lower and lift your legs as well. Chest and abs at the same time. Excellent.

Squat with Side Bend. This move takes you back to a squat with weights on your shoulders again. You squat down slow, and then raise back up. At the top of the movement, instead of the knee to the elbow move, as done in the beginning, you simply crunch to the left and the right. Again working the legs and the obliques.

Forward Lean Lunge with Posterior Fly. This move is similar to the one mentioned above, with the exception of doing both arms at once. Step out, lunge, and then both arms work a fly movement.

Chest Fly with Hip Lift. Would you believe me if I said this was another favorite? :) Again on your back, you work a double arm fly. At the same time, you have your feet planted on the ground, as you simultaneously raise your hips off the floor, along with your lower back. This sounds complicated, but as you do it the first time, it will make complete sense, and you will likely agree, it’s a great exercise.

Then the cool down and your done! 45 minutes, not too long or too short. And you can really work the intensity and grow with this workout, adding weight as you gain more muscle. As Chalene Johnson states, Muscle Burns Fat. Don’t be afraid to add muscle!

This review and short explanation is in not in any way as good as the book that comes with the program, and the book actually describes them in detail along with pictures of each move. This is proving to be a very thorough program so far.

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  1. Krissy

    I love your blog, very informative. What I was wondering is, how many days does each burn circuit last before moving to the next circuit?

    I look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Robert Harden

    Krissy, Each circuit is about 30 days. :)

  3. Krissy

    Thanks! After I sent that message I found what I needed right under my nose, lol!
    Thanks again.

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