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My ChaLEAN Extreme workouts start at 5:30 am.  This mornings workout was no different.  What would make this mornings workout more challenging, was that my 2 1/2 year old son felt like he needed to wake up at all hours of the night!  Well, there is nothing I can do about that, my choices were: 1) Tough it out, and get out of bed for my daily workout, or 2) Sleep in and regret it the rest of the day.  I chose number 1, I didn’t feel like beating myself up over it all day long.  So I tossed back the covers, went the kitchen, downed a sugar-free Red Bull (I’m such a cheater sometimes), and pushed play on the ever familiar ChaLEAN Extreme.  Sometimes working out is a workout mentally as well as physically.  On those days you just don’t feel like working out, those are the days you have to stand strong, fight those little voices that say “don’t do it” and just DO IT.  You’ll be glad you did, and the more of those little “battles” you win within your mind, the easier it becomes to get in great shape!

So here we go, I made it past the hard part, I have my gym clothes on, PowerBlocks (my weights) are ready, and ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 2, is in the dvd player. 

The workout is approximately 38 minutes in length, and you start this workout with an approximate 4-5 minute warm up.  Always take more time, if you need more time.  Take care of yourself, warm up as you need to.  12 total moves, with 3 extreme moves.

Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl. Very basic starting exercise. Select your weight, and assume a stance that is double shoulder width apart, feel slightly pointing out. You are holding your weight directly in front of you, just as you would for making a bicep curl. You drop slowly into a squat, and raise back up, then with elbows touching your side, do a curl. Your movements are SLOW. Slow squat and a slow curl. When you hit the top of your curl, squeeze that bicep.

Lunge with Tricep Extension, single arm. Using only one weight and one arm for this exercise, step forward into a lunge, raise the arm with the weight as if you were going to do a tricep kickback, but hold this position. First you want to drop into the lunge, then raise up. After the lunge, perform the tricep kickback. Keep your elbow back, and kick it back slow, control the weight, pause slightly at the top, and then lower again. Chalene is wanting you to go slow, with no swinging motion to make the rep. If you can’t go slow, you’re done. If you didn’t get at least 10 reps, drop down in weight the following week.

Dead Lift Row. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, hold the weights with one in front of each leg. Your hands, or palms, will be facing you. Please be careful with this workout, don’t hurt your back with too much weight. Error on the side of caution, if you do okay for 12 reps, then add some weight. This is a great move for strengthening your lower back and hamstrings. So from this position, lower the weights down your legs towards the floor. Keep your back flat and straight! Slow and controlled, never fast in the ChaLEAN Burn Circuits. Raise back up, part way, hold, and perform a row. Then stand back up. Repeat. This is one of the exercises that really has me struggling. The right weight, and the proper form, with slow reps….. I need oxygen!

Sumo Squat with Overhead Tricep Extension. I’ve already explained the sumo squat above. You are using one single weight for the triceps. I look at my single arm triceps from the previous exercise, and try to go double, but not quite. So for example, I used 20 lbs each above for the single arm triceps. For the overhead, I went up to 35 lbs total. I failed at 10 reps. So I could go down, but I probably won’t. Next week, I will try to get 11 reps. This is an example only, and works for me. With the weight over your head with both hands, perform the squat, and hold. While at the bottom, drop the weight for the triceps. Raise your arms back over head, and then raise out of the squat. This is another great great exercise. Keep your elbows in tight, don’t let the elbows drift out when doing your triceps.

Dead Lift with Double Arm Row. This is similar to the dead lift row above, with a few minor differences. First you hands will be palms out away from you. Then from here it’s the same but intensified. You drop into the dead lift, keeping your back straight, lower all the way down, then raise all the way back up. Then you will lower part way, and do the double arm row, then raise back up. That’s one. Only eleven more to go. :) This one, same as above, should leave you huffing and puffing. Chalene says, “Lift Heavy or Go Home.” But lift heavy and keep GOOD form.

Bowler’s Lunge with Single Arm Row. This exercise is using a lunge, in a slightly different stance. Imagine rolling a bowling ball. One leg is straight forwards, and the other is behind the front leg, extended straight out. Hold this position, and drop down into a single leg lunge, the back leg is for balance. At the bottom of the lunge, do your row, and raise back up. This move gets my legs a little shaky. But that’s a good thing. Work through it, get a minimum of 10 reps, 12 if possible.

Bicep with Abductor Balance. Your using your thigh toner band on this one. After you have it in place, you lift one leg out to the side, and balance on one leg, as you make your bicep curl. You can modify this move with no band, and balance. I have to be honest. I started using the band my first two workouts. I was so busy holding my leg out and balancing, I didn’t feel my biceps getting worked as much as I would like. So this workout, I skipped the band, and did 10 extreme bicep curls. I really miss working the biceps. I know it’s a guy thing. So after I failed at 10 reps. I took my 10 second break, then you move straight into the extreme set.

For the first extreme set, it was 3 slow (8 count, up and down) bicep curls. I have to say after the 10 reps above, my biceps and arms were DONE.

Forward Lean lunge with Double Row. This move is back to the double row. You step forwards into a single leg lunge, hold the lunge, perform the double arm row, then lower an inch into the lunge and stand up. Do this a total of 6 times, then switch legs for 6 more. If you get the lunge right, and drop an inch each time, you can get a great leg workout here.

Now it’s time for the second extreme set. This time it’s a double row, but no lunge. Go slow, remember, 8 count down and up.

Triple Threat Push Up. On this set, you are doing basically 4 sets of 3 push ups. The first push up is a narrow push up, concentrating on the triceps. Keep your elbows tucked in, and back. The second push up is a standard push up. And the third push up is wide, hands wide, and legs wide. Repeat this for a total of 4 sets, and 12 push ups. Do your best. Try to get as many as you can on your toes, drop to the knees when you can no longer keep your back straight, and then finish on your knees. I like to use the Power Stands for this exercise, and get deep into the push ups.

Last move, your third extreme set. Narrow push ups. Three total push ups, narrow stance. 8 counts down, back straight, and 8 counts up again. Let’s get three.

At this point you go into a 3 minute cool down and stretch. But remember that “guy thing” I mentioned above. I decided, I would let the dvd go into the cool down, and I would get a drop set for biceps. Essentially, you select a weight, and perform 8 bicep curls. Then you drop your weight 5 lbs, and get 8 more reps. Drop again, 8 more reps, and then last drop in weights, for 8 more reps. So it’s a total of 4 sets, 8 reps each. I started today at 35 lb. and dropped respectively from 35, 30, 25, and 20 lbs. So now my personal bonus round was complete, remember at 5:30 am I was debating about not even working out. Then at the end, I’m doing extra! It works that way sometimes. I’m always glad I got in my workout.

So while I’m cooling down, the regular dvd program is over, and the after workout information is showing on the screen, as I cool down and stretch. First thing after the workout, is a small tidbit about is the place to go for logging your workouts into “WOWY” and online gym. It’s a calendar of sorts, where you can log a workout, find workout buddies all over the world doing the same workouts. Best of all, it’s free to use, and they give away daily prizes. So check that out too. You could go to and sign up and get assigned a random coach, which is also free, or you could specifically request me. To do that, go to: ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews, and be sure to subscribe and catch all my reviews. Have a great day!

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