ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews: Burn Circuit 3

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Today I completed the ChaLEAN Extreme: Burn Circuit 3. This workout, like the others, is approximately 35 minutes in length. The workout starts out very familiar by now, you pretty much do the same warm up on all three Burn Circuits. It’s almost as if you don’t need Chalene any more for the warm up. Which is great for me, because I have been working out at 5:30 am, and am still waking up at this point. By the end of the approximate 5 minute warm up, however, I’m ready to get started. I do want to encourage anyone that feels they need more of a warm up to pause the dvd, get in a few more stretches, as needed. Only you know what is best for your body.

As you will soon find out, this workout has more leg work than the first two Burn Circuits. Be ready to squat, lunge, and work the calves. Chalene always makes you combine moves, so it’s not just a leg workout. You also do quite a bit of work on your shoulders.

You are going to perform a total of 12 moves during this workout, with three of those moves being “Extreme” sets. During an Extreme set you perform three reps of a particular exercise, using a very slow controlled movement.

Starting the workout you perform a Sumo squat (double shoulder width, with your feet turned slightly to the outside), combined with a shoulder press. I think you will be surprised just how strong you can be here. But don’t get the weight so heavy that you can’t perform a nice slow controlled movement. Remember that throughout this workout, you want to at least make 10 reps, and fail at 12. So play with your numbers, until you get your weight right. Take notes, and write down your weight and reps from each exercise to use later. I personally write down my weight/reps and also a down or up arrow, which indicates to me whether I need to add or drop weight. Find a system that works for you.

Next you will want to add some weight from the last exercise. You are going to step out into a lunge, and while in the lunge, raise up on your toes. This is going to work your quads and your calves. Again, have good control. I would recommend you focus more on having proper form, then heavy weight. If your weight is too heavy, to use proper form, drop down in weight.

You move from one exercise to the next, there is not a lot of down time at all during the ChaLEAN Extreme workouts. So while they may be shorter than other workouts, you don’t get much time to rest, which is good. You want to work, you want results, take breaks when you need to, but if you can push forwards, you should. You have to find the motivation to work hard, and get the results you want. There is no magic pill to get you in great shape. Diet and exercise is the only way. So now we’re ready for a squat with a lat raise. Your squat is about shoulder width apart, then after completing the squat, perform the lat raise, both arms at once, pause at the top, and lower slowly, repeat the squat. Remember, you want 10-12 reps.

Now you’re back to the shoulder press again, but instead of a sumo squat this time, as you did in the first move, you are going to step forward into a lunge. You want 6 reps each side. When you get finished with that lunge, drop an inch into your lunge, and then raise up if you want more intensity.

Get ready to attack the calves again. This time do a regular squat, shoulder width apart, rest your weights on your legs, and once you reach the bottom, raise up on your toes. Pause and hold on the upwards move, your calves can handle it!

The next two moves are using the sumo squat, the first set will be a lat raise, followed by a shoulder press. And once those two moves are completed, you jump into your first Extreme set. Using the same weight you just used for the sumo squat and shoulder press, you are going to perform three very slow (8 count up and down) shoulder presses. This is hard, and it should be! You can do three! When I finished this Extreme set this morning, I wanted to drop the weights my arms were so fatigued. That would only result in two holes in my floor, and most likely waking my children. Remember it’s 5:30 am workouts at my house!

At this point we are well over halfway, and you move into a lunge and lat raise. Six lunges per side. Again, add that intensity, lower into your lunge about an inch before raising back out of the lunge and lat raise move. After twelve total lunges you are ready for the next Extreme set! Except this set is three very slow, 8 counts down and up, push ups. If you can’t get three on your toes, drop down to your knees. If you are on your knees and can’t get three, do two. You gotta work! To add intensity, I use Power Stands, as used in P90X.

For the next to last move, you are taking another assault on the calves. From a wide sumo squat, rest the weight on your quads, feet slightly outwards. Drop into the squat, and at the bottom, raise up onto your toes. Hold at the top for just a second and drop down, then raise out of the squat. You can use some pretty heavy weight here. With 10-12 reps out of the way, take a short 10 second break, and get ready for the last Extreme set, and the last move of the workout.

The last Extreme set is the same as the last move you just performed with the exception of the calf raise. Just the sumo squat, get three of them, SLOW. This is the last move, dig deep, you can do this. Your hard work will be rewarded with RESULTS. We all want those! (Remember, keep your diet in line as well.) You made it through another workout! Take your cool down, and enjoy the next few minutes. This is my favorite time. You worked up a sweat, you burned some calories, you are taking steps to add muscle. Muscle burns fat. The more muscle you have the more your body burns calories to feed that muscle. So build that muscle, burn that fat!

Great job, thanks for reading all of my ChaLEAN Extreme reviews! As always, please feel free to contact us anytime for help, questions, support, motivation!

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