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The ChaLEAN Extreme: Extreme Abs is a very effective abs workout. I can definitely see the possibilities of getting the six pack abs you’ve always wanted with this exercise dvd. This is my actual 2nd time doing this dvd, and it was tough both times, but I noticed some slight improvement from the first time. The first time, I think you naturally (maybe even subconsciously) “hold back”, because there is that small voice that tells you, you may not make it all the way through, and to “reserve” some energy. But after the first time, you can ignore that little voice and give it 100% effort knowing you can make it! But don’t worry, even if you are a beginner, there are some modified moves just for you, until you can move up to the more advanced versions. And regardless, beginner or advanced, if you find yourself where you need to stop and take a break, that’s ok. But don’t stop the dvd! Just take a break and start back in as quick as you can, before long, you’ll be taking fewer breaks, and finally not stopping at all.

If you don’t want to read through all the moves of the dvd, just skip down to my “Final Thoughts”.

It’s a short dvd, just over 16 minutes. You start the workout with a basic cat stretch. This is a great stretch for warming up your abs, and is painless. :) You move quickly from the cat stretch to a slow crunch. You can really feel the slow crunches and can easily intensify this move later by contracting those abs at the top of the move. Building on the slow crunch, you add your legs with a hand clap above and below your leg. Don’t worry if you don’t easily follow me here, this is just a brief overview. Once you do the dvd, you’ll be a pro!

By this time, your front abs are ready for a break, and Chalene Johnson, the trainer, moves you into a nice oblique exercise to work those love handles we all hate so much! Just as you think you can’t do any more, your move back to the floor crunch, and this time you get to add some punches as you crunch upwards. Just imagine your frustration on this move as you make those punches. Keep in mind all of these moves are just under a minute, challenging, but you can do it!

Moving on, you get to do a bicycle move, as you extend and straighten each leg. Next is one of my favorite moves. Chalene calls it “Around the Clock”. You are lying flat on your back, with both legs straight up. You slowly lower your legs in a clockwise motion, making a slow circle. You eventually repeat on the other side. Excellent move, and the lower you go, the harder it is! While your legs are straight up, you then move into a move called “Ankle Crosses”, where you alternate your legs front to back. Again, this will make more sense when you do the dvd. At the end of this move, CONGRATS, you made it about halfway. This workout moves quickly, take breaks if you have to, just do your best!

The next two moves are similar. Lying flat on your back, you reach both hands over your head, and then tuck your elbows into your legs as you bring your legs to your chest. This move is followed by some leg lifts. From a seated position, lean backwards to a 45 degree angle. You then extend and lift your legs. Another favorite move of mine is called “Training Camp”. This move puts you in the push up position. You alternate each leg, one at a time to your elbow, working the obliques. Then your back to more crunches. This set of crunches are even slower than the first, 8 counts up, and 8 counts down. At this point you have about 5 minutes left on the clock. Almost there, and then you ARE done!

The last 5 moves consist of a side plank, working the obliques. Then back to the push up position, and this time you alternate lifting each leg, working your lower back, abs, and core. And the last real ab exercise here is called the “Army Crawl”. I’m going to let this one be a nice surprise. But I like it. I actually love working abs, so I like a lot of them. :) Then the last two minutes you work your lower back and core.

Final Thoughts.

Then the very last move of all, you hit the STOP button. Stretch your abs some, and give yourself a pat on the back, you just completed a very tough ab workout. Remember this workout dvd is progressive, so as a beginner, you can modify and take breaks. Even modified it’s an EXTREME workout. Then as you get stronger, you modify less, take less breaks and it’s still EXTREME. You see what I mean? Make this workout hard, and enjoy the great results that are sure to follow.

As a final note. Remember, there is an old saying in the fitness circles. “Abs are made in the kitchen.” You can do this workout and have a six pack, but have not yet lost enough weight to show it off. Be sure to get your diet on track, so you can show off your results.

People ask me everyday, I’m just not getting the results I want as fast as I want. And I ask, “How is your diet?” Well, it’s okay they say. They answered their own question. I’m not saying you should be as strict as I am on my diet. I do that by choice. But you can if you like, and the more you get your diet on track, the faster your results! Another great workout for ChaLEAN Extreme!

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