ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews: Push Circuit 2

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After being on a short emergency break, I am back for another ChaLEAN Extreme Review! Last week we had a major ice storm move through the state of Arkansas. The ice brought down numerous trees, which brought down electricity. I can’t speak for the rest of the state, but in my town, over 90% of the electricity was out. There was one, possibly two gas stations open. Which made the wait for gasoline 2-3 hours long. And the lines for any kind of heat source was insane. I was lucky enough to get a generator on day two, which powered my refrigerator, a portable room heater, and the TV. (My kids need the TV to survive, lol.) No hot water, and even with a small room heater, we were forced to huddle together under blankets, and shut off the house except for one room to stay warm! But I’m back. I missed one full week (without power), but I’m not going to dwell on missing workouts and missing nutritious meals. And I have sucessfully received my crash course on winter survival training. So after one week out of the game, I’m just going to get right back in the middle of it, and push even harder this week.

So now here we go, ChaLEAN Extreme Review: Push Circuit 2.

The workout was approximately 35 minutes in length. You have the traditional 5 minute warm up, as always. I have started doing a couple minute warm up before the ChaLEAN Extreme warm up. Since I work out early in the morning, I’m in need of a good stretch to get ready. So after my personal warm up, and the 5 minute ChaLEAN Extreme warm up, we jump right into the first exercise. Remember, Chalene Johnson wants you to reach muscle failure between 6 and 8 reps, so lift heavy, but be safe. Make certain you write down your weight and your reps. I force myself to lift more weight or more reps at every workout. If I hit 8 reps, I add weight. If I don’t hit 8 reps, I try the same weight the following week and try for 8. You have to make yourself lift more weight to get the results you want. I still struggle, I still shake, I still work hard. This will never change. But your body will change, you will get in better shape, lose more weight, but you have to work hard.

Standard Overhead Press. Good ‘ol fashioned overhead press. Lift slow and lower slow.

Single Leg Lunge. This move is great. By removing one leg, and using if for balance only, you really challenge the single leg.

Standing Reverse Fly. Working the shoulders, use caution here and don’t hurt yourself by trying to lift too heavy, but lift heavy enough to get the job done. You’ll know. You want to work hard, but work out smart!

Standing Arnold Press. I like this move. It’s similar to the overhead press, but you are bringing your arms down in front of your face, with your palms facing you. As you press upwards, you twist the weight, palms facing away. There is a similar move in P90X, except you lower your arms down even lower. Great exercise.

Extreme set, Standing Arnold Press. On each extreme set you are going as slow as you can, lifting and lowering slowly. If you reach failure and can’t finish that’s ok, this exercise is designed to challenge you.

Single Leg Dead Lift. This exercise you will have to see to fully understand. It’s similar to a dead lift, with the exception of raising one leg backwards as you lower yourself into the dead lift.

Extreme set, Dead Lift. For the extreme set, 3 reps, you perform a dead lift but you keep both feet on the floor.

Bent Over Lateral Raise. Back to the shoulders. This is followed by the Extreme Set, Lateral Raise.

Frontal Shoulder Press. This exercise is just like the overhead press, except you have your palms facing your head on each side. So your thumbs are facing towards the back. This is followed by the Extreme Set, Frontal Shoulder Press.

Single Leg Tap Lunges. This was an interesting move. You step back into a reverse lunge. Then without raising all the way back up, you step forward to your front foot, but only use the leg for balance, as you make the front leg press back up again. After you finish 6-8 reps on the first leg, you go straight into the Extreme Set. Except you only do the lunge. Then you repeat the other leg.

Lateral Delt Raise. By this time, my arms and shoulders are getting fatigued. I dropped my weight down to finish up this last set. And the Extreme Set that followed was extremely difficult! But once you’re finished with this extreme set, you’re finished!

The cool down is only about a minute and a half, which is not sufficient for me, I usually stretch for a few more minutes after the DVD is over.

You should be seeing some good results now, 5 weeks into the program. I would be happy to hear from you! Send me your ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews by sending me an email here.

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  1. Judy S

    I’ve been doing this workout for a while I’m on my last week of the Push Circuit. I was trying to do my workout just from the sheet and found your review. It helped me out a little. Between your review and my coach I was able to complete my workout without the DVD. Thanks. Yes I struggled on the dead lifts & the lateral raises. But I finished.

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