ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews: Push Circuit 3

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Welcome back for more ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews! Before I get started into today’s review of Push Circuit 3, I wanted to go off track just a little bit. If you want to skip my “side track”, scroll down to the bold title print “ChaLEAN Extreme Review: Push Circuit 3” below.

I wanted to say that this week was especially rewarding for me. Last week I was forced to miss a week of workouts due to an ice storm. The storm knocked out our electricity for a week! So getting back into the workouts was a great feeling. But what was even more rewarding was the feedback and comments I have been receiving regarding the ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews. It’s encouraging to know that there are other people out there working hard, losing weight, and getting in shape. Most importantly, they are making a lifestyle change to improve their quality of life. I love the feedback, comments and testimonials. Keep them coming! It’s nice to know that while I write these reviews alone, others are getting something from them as well. Email me anytime, even if it’s just to say Hi!

ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews: Push Circuit 3.

My alarm clock is far from welcome in my house. But I have to give it some credit, we have something in common. We are both consistent! Every morning at 5:30am the alarm clock goes off, and every morning at 5:30am, I get out of bed. This is the first step to being successful in your workout program. Get moving! Set a time, and be consistent. When that time comes, start moving! Next thing you know, you’re dressed and in your gym clothes, and the DVD is turning in the player, and before you know it, Chalene Johnson has you started with the “shoulder rolls”. Then some squats, followed by some triceps, hamstring stretches, and a few other “consistent” stretches of the ChaLEAN Extreme warm up. Right up through the warm up, it’s like every other Burn or Push Circuit, and it’s consistent. I like consistency. :) After the warm up though, we get into something different, and different is good too. Challenging the body with different exercises is going to force your muscles to adapt and grow. And we want to grow, more muscle, means we burn more fat. Burning more fat means we are burning more calories. And we all want to burn fat, burn calories, and get lean and fit!

Just like Push Circuit 1 and Push Circuit 2, we want to reach muscle failure between 6 and 8 reps. Meaning we want to keep good form, and want our last rep to be the absolute last rep you can do, while maintaining GOOD form. And remember, we are lifting SLOW.

Sumo Squat. Your stance here is double shoulder width apart. Taking a heavy set of weights, rest them on your quads. Now lower yourself slowly into a sumo squat, pause, then raise back up just as slow.

Single Arm Row. In a “runner type stance” with one leg in front of the other, hold your weight down to your side, and lift it slowly upwards, pause, and then lower the weight down. After you FAIL between 6 – 8 reps, switch sides. If you hit 8 reps, then you need to raise the weight next time.

Chest Fly. Lying on your back, carefully get the weights into position, like your are going to do a bench press. But instead of lifting the weight straight up, you are going to perform a chest fly. Try your absolute best to keep your elbows off the floor as you lower the weights. And when you reach the top of the rep, keep the weights about 4 inches apart.

Bowler’s Lunge. If you have been doing the ChaLEAN Extreme program, this position is nothing NEW. So in your bowler’s lunge, lower your body, with weights in each hand, as LOW as you can go with good form, then raise back up.

Extreme Set. Your extreme set for this move will be done twice. After each leg. This was hard work for me this morning. I was feeling ambitious with 45lb each.

Double Arm Bent Over Row. Just like the single arm row, but you are working both arms at the same time. If you lift and pause, and lower slow, you should really feel this working!

Extreme Set. And if you failed between 6 – 8 reps on the last move, this set will really be fun and interesting. Just imagine that you are burning fat and building muscle, it helps me, otherwise I might try to quit early. :)

Bench Press. Again you will be lying on your back, but instead of a chest fly, you will do the traditional bench press. I really exaggerated the slow movement, and my arms were shaking by rep number 8. I love these workouts!

Extreme Set. After I finished the bench press, and was taking my 10 second break, I really had to get my mind right to get these next 3 extreme reps. Wow.

Single Leg Sumo Squat. This is just like the first sumo squat, except you lean to one side slightly and raise up on your toes on one side. For example, you lean to the right side, in your sumo squat, then raise onto your left toes. You are trying to isolate one leg for the squat. (Personally, not my favorite move of the workout). You will do an Extreme Set after each leg.

Reverse Grip Bent Over Row. The same exercise as the double arm row, except you are turning your palms away from you. I dropped down in weight on this one, my arms and shoulders were felling pretty toasted at this point. Then you guessed it……..

Extreme Set. You know deep down you love the extreme sets. :)

Long Arm Pull Over. This last exercise was a favorite of mine for this workout. You are on your back again with a single weight. using both hands extend the weight straight up. Keeping your arms straight, lower the weight behind your head, but don’t touch the floor. Then bring it straight back up again.

Extreme Set. So now you are on the last move of your Push Circuit 3, and it’s Friday. Good things!

Another great workout! I’m proud of each of you for making it to week 5 or beyond. Even if you are not there yet, week 1 or 2. I’m proud of you for making the firs step to getting in shape. And finally, if you are contemplating ChaLEAN Extreme, what are you waiting for? Jump in with us, we’re in this together. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, and email me.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for reading my ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews!

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