Insanity vs. Insanity Asylum

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Shaun T recently talked about Insanity Vs. Insanity Asylum.

But before we get into Shaun’s perspective, I just wanted to take a quick minute to give you my personal experience.  At the time of this writing, I have completed Insanity twice, and Insanity Asylum once (almost).   There are a lot of intimidating reviews out there about Asylum, mine included.  The reviews are all about the same, Asylum is HARD, CHALLENGING, DIFFICULT, CRAZY, INTENSE, DEMANDING, etc.  All of those things and more, but if you are an Insanity graduate, you can do Insanity Asylum, and you should go for it!  Now let me give you my opinion on which you should do first, this is my opinion, and only mine.

1.  If you have graduated from Insanity, you are READY for the Asylum.

2.  If you haven’t yet graduated from Insanity, I recommend you start there.

3.  You could try Insanity Asylum if you have graduated P90X, Turbo Fire, or any another Beachbody Advanced fitness program.  Or if you are in great cardio conditioning.

4.  If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, consider Power 90, (I lost 30 lbs with this one!) or check our our program comparison page to find something suitable to your liking.

One more thing… I have heard a lot of feedback from people that have done Insanity once, and sometimes twice, but were hesitant to start Asylum.  If this is you, and you are reading this.  Follow this LINK, get Asylum! Shut down the negative, focus on the positive, and push yourself to the next level, and Asylum will take you there! And you will be so glad you took the trip!

Shaun T on Insanity vs. Insanity Asylum

Are you ready for game day? As Shaun T says, “You can’t practice all the time. You have to perform at some point.” Like spring training, THE ASYLUM is the program that will get you ready to perform at your peak.


If you’ve already completed INSANITY®, you might be wondering, why do I need INSANITY ASYLUM? Here are 5 significant differences between the two programs:

1. Go From Insane to Elite

With INSANITY you focused on improving your cardiovascular endurance and on total body conditioning. So, what’s left? How about improving your balance, agility, power, strength, and coordination? Jump higher. Run faster. If you want to become an elite athlete or just improve your game, THE ASYLUM is your winning strategy.

2. Progression System

With INSANITY, we focused on Max Interval Training. With THE ASYLUM we’ve added to that with sports progression drills to really step it up. They’ll keep you engaged and help you dramatically improve your power, form, and focus from day 1 to day 30.

3. New Tools!

The Speed Rope will torch those calories and the Agility Ladder will help you to become quicker on your feet while also measuring your progress.

4. An All-New Meal Plan

To get you ready for game day, we developed a 14-day meal plan that’s very different from the one you saw in INSANITY. Stick with it for 2 weeks (or, even better, for the full 30 days) and we bet you’ll be pleased with your results! Hint: you can have carbs this time around!

5. Added Resistance

In INSANITY, you used only your body weight as resistance. In THE ASYLUM, Shaun T steps it up and asks you to Dig Deep in what he calls the hardest strength workout he’s ever done. Depending on your goals, you can add weights, resistance bands, and a chin-up bar to your moves.

Insanity, DVD by DVD Review
Insanity Asylum, DVD by DVD Review

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  1. Ryan

    Very motivating, I have the asylum but I’m not going to do it until after I finish and insanity and do p90x, (since I haven’t lost all the weight I wanted to, 3 more weeks left to go, wish me luck) Remember everybody: DIG DEEPER!

  2. Jay

    I am in the final week of Insanity. It’s been great but I am physically beat up. I plan to start Asylum ASAP but I feel the need for some recovery. Do you have suggestions for a recovery week before getting going again? I am considering some kind of hybrid of Core Cardio & Balance, Max Recovery, and Cardio Recovery with maybe some Cardio Abs thrown in. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  3. Robert Harden

    Jay, I think you’re on the right track. You can choose the Insanity recovery week, or mic it up that works good for you. Only you know what you need to recover. Congrats on finishing Insanity!!

  4. Kamal

    I will be finishing insanity once, at end of august. I am thinking should i do it all over once again (another round of two months) or do insanity asylum?
    I am 33 yr old female, quite fit but plan to get more fit!

  5. Robert Harden

    I think you would be happy with Asylum, I love it personally!

  6. shadi

    hello,i dont have insanity but i have revabs and i whant to get asylum soon so can i mix revabs with asylum?? thanks

  7. Robert Harden

    Shadi, I always encourage creativity and variety. The most important parts of a fitness program, is that its fun and effective. RevAbs and Asylum will work nicely. 🙂

  8. Kellie

    I’ve completed Insanity 4 times in the last year…..I LOVE IT and have had amazing results!!! I just started Asylum yesterday because, like Robert, I enjoy variety! I’m looking forward to seeing results after Asylum!!

  9. Robert Harden

    Kellie! WOW. Very impressive. Have you considered the beachbody home business. You’re obviously a fitness fanatic. Have a look at our business page. 🙂

  10. Kevin

    Robert, I’m currently going through Insanity for the 3rd time and looking to jump to Asylum next. I’m curious as to the amount of room (overhead and overall for jumping, jump rope, etc.) that I’d need for the Asylum workouts. The room where I do Insanity has high enough ceilings for those workouts, but I don’t think it’d work with jumpropes. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

  11. Robert Harden

    Kevin, I have a 10′ ceiling. I’m able to do all of the jump rope drills EXCEPT for the double jumps. Which I believe is only in the Vertical Plyo video. When it comes time for double jumps, I just drop the rope and use my pretend rope. 🙂 If you decide to purchase Asylum, we’d sure appreciate your business.

  12. Jonathan

    I’m wondering; should you sync Insanity and Insanity Asylum? Or is Asylum enough? I mean does Asylum lack anything the original Insanity had?

  13. Robert Harden

    Jonathan, I don’t think Asylum is lacking anything, I love Asylum personally. But Beachbody also provides a workout calendar that uses both Asylum and Insanity, which is cool too. 🙂 Here is a link where you can get everything you every wanted for Asylum, including extra strength bands. In my opinion, you should order a couple extra bands, they tend to tear easily if you are working hard on each workout. They’re fairly cheap. and easier to have some on hand then find yours broke and have to wait for another. Here’s the link:

  14. Kristen

    I’m an Insanity grad x3 and bought Insanity Asylum. Unfortunately I couldn’t really get into it! I didn’t really consider it much harder than regular Insanity either. Guess I’m the oddball out =/

  15. Robert Harden

    Kristen, I love Asylum, actually more so than Insanity. But I love Insanity too. 🙂

  16. Moris

    Hey Robert I was thinking to start insanity the asylum without doing the normal Insanity im pretty fit and all but will doing asylum alone get me a better body (define my abs more) etc ?

  17. Robert Harden

    Moris, Both Insanity and Insanity Asylum are physically demanding. If you are determined and willing to “suffer” in a way…. 🙂 You’ll be fine. Take breaks as needed, be safe, and watch your heart rate. Focus on the nutrition guide that comes with it, and you’ll get some great results. I offer some free bands when you buy at my store. Go take a look, plus some videos of each workout. 🙂

  18. Khaled B

    I’m a pro football (soccer) player, never did Insanity, but jumped straight to the Insanity Asylum, I’m in my second week. Its tough, but i get motivated by the day and cant wait for the next day of workout. I have also noticed so much improvement in my speed and response in football :). Love The Asylum

  19. Robert Harden

    AWESOME! Asylum is a fantastic workout!

  20. Nikki L.

    Hi all, I am an out of shape 40yoa female and just finished my first round of asylum. I am very pleased with the progress that I made in these 30 days. I have gone from doing the push-ups on my knees to actual push-ups, my stamina has increased tremendously and I have lost quite a few inches. I am starting my next round immediately and very much looking forwards to it.

  21. Mary Fletcher

    I am a recording artist/singer songwriter and I am doing insanity for the second time. I have to say not only am I getting the most amazing results in my weight and body but I’m so much better in the studio! My breathing is better and I’m able to hold out notes longer! It’s amazing and I cannot wait to get the asylum!!!!! 🙂

  22. Robert Harden

    Mary, that’s fantastic! I hope you’ll come back and let us know! Oh, we’d like your business too in our store! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  23. Judy H.


    I just finished the Insanity program and feel like a power machine! I have been working out my whole life and never has any program given me the results that Insanity has. I’m 44 years old and in the best shape of my life. Because I love the non stop sweating and rapid heart rate by doing Insanity, should I do Insanity again or move on to the Asylum? I’ve always thought that you need to switch it up so thinking to do Insanity two times in a row might not be as effective.

  24. Robert Harden



    I think you’ll be fine whichever way you decide. Doing a second round of Insanity or Asylum. I loved Asylum, its only a 30 day program, and then you can do a hybrid schedule of Insanity AND Asylum. That’s what I would do if it were me. Asylum for 30 days, then the hybrid of both. 🙂 Good luck with whatever you decide!

  25. kahmoi crawford

    i recently got the asylum for christmas . i havent started yet. i am a insanity graduate and still am doing insanity. i was sapose to start asylum feb 1 and go to march but my perants havent been able to afford dumbells , resistane bands, or pull up bar. do you know of a place where i can get the dumbells cheap?

  26. Robert Harden

    Kahmoi, If money is a problem, just go with resistance bands for right now. There is always one person on the DVD using bands. Here’s a link, the standard kit is ideal for women, and the super kit for men:

  27. dan

    I am a avid runner and in pretty good shape..I did the insanity asylum game time forthe first time..It was a great workout but you better be ready to work.. I love the insanity workouts and use them in between my running days. I will get asylum in the very near future..

  28. RP


    I’ll be finishing my first round of Insanity on 5-Apr-13. My cardio endurance has vastly improved and there is some decent muscle definition in my arms, shoulders and abs. However I still have a layer of fat that I need to lose (need to drop around 11 lbs). Should I repeat Insanity or am I ready to start the Asylum?
    Height – 66inches, weight – 147l lbs, Male

    4th fit test results:
    Switch kicks – 55/110
    Power jumps – 63
    Power knees – 97
    Power jacks – 60
    Push up abs – 35
    Suicides – 22
    LP oblique – 73

  29. Robert Harden

    RP, You can go either way. If you enjoy Insanity, repeat it from the beginner with the goal to improve even more since your last first month rotation. You should be able to blast through some of the month 1 workouts after MAX. 🙂 If you want a change of pace, grab Asylum. I LOVED my Asylum rotation. If you do get Asylum, check out our store, we offer a bonus DVD, called Pure Contact. Good stuff!

  30. RP

    Thanks Robert!

    I guess I’ll start the Asylum. Repeating Insanity again just seems too “boring”.

    After finishing Insanity I’ll repeat week 4 of month 2, then for recovery do the recovery week, and then begin Asylum. What do you think?

    PS – I have a bit of knee pain even at this stage. I do insanity barefoot on a marble floor, for high impact moves I land on a folded yoga mat. Am I going to permanently damage my knees/joints?

  31. Robert Harden

    RP, I have to switch out my workouts every 60-90 days for the same reason. I like to change it up. Sounds like a good wrap up plan for going into Asylum. I wouldn’t be able to give advice about what kind of damage you’re looking at, but I would find a good pair of shoes at very least.

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