Daily Sunshine | The 3 in 1 Smoothie and Nutritional Shake for Kids

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Daily Sunshine Smoothie & Nutritional Shake

Daily Sunshine is the perfect healthy snack and nutritional shake for picky kids who HATE their veggies. (This fits most kids right?) Eating healthy is hard, it’s hard for parents and adults, so it stands to reason, that it’s also hard for kids too! I mean seriously, it would be too easy if kids just loved eating their fruits and vegetables. Imagine never having to tell your kids “Eat your vegetables!”

As a parent of two kids myself, I’ve done my fair share of worrying about my kids and their diet and exercise habits. We’re parents, we’re supposed to worry right?  Are they getting enough protein?  Are they eating enough fruits and vegetables?  Are they getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals?  I won’t even go down the road of organic foods, farm raised protein sources, and all the other vast amounts of dietary concerns floating around the internet.  Taking all of these things into consideration, I was thrilled when Beachbody released this smoothie specifically with kids in mind!  I’ve been a coach with Beachbody for over 10 years, I trust this company and I have never found a single reason not to trust their products.  That’s why I continue to use their products personally.  So let’s discuss the new smoothie!

The Benefits of Daily Sunshine:

Daily Sunshine comes in two flavors: Chocolate and Strawberry Banana. Both shakes are whole-food based, and pediatrician approved. That in and of itself is pretty cool, but it gets better. Nutrition information posted below.

This shake is being referred to as the 3 in 1 shake. Each serving contains:

  • A serving of organic fruits and veggies
  • A serving of organic pea protein
  • A serving of healthy fats
  • Plus, 3 grams of fiber, probiotics from Bacillus coagulans, vitamins C & E, calcium, and vitamin D.

What You Won’t Find in Daily Sunshine:

This smoothie/nutrition shake is soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO! You also won’t find artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives!

Look Familiar?

Are you tired of arguing with your kids about eating their veggies?

Kids Want SWEETS!

But you just want them to eat something so they can be HEALTHY!

Introducing Daily Sunshine!

Help is here!  Daily Sunshine is something kids will actually LOVE!

Is Making Daily Sunshine Complicated?

Nope! Just add water and shake shake shake. But if Daily Sunshine is like Shakeology, I like a good blender too.

Shakeology vs. Daily Sunshine

Now that I mention Shakeology, you might be curious to know what the differences are. They do share some essential ingredients, but not in the same amounts. Shakeology was made with adults in mind. So in Shakeology you’ll find more exotic superfoods, digestive enzymes, and other nutrients important for adults. In Daily Sunshine, you’ll find more simplicity, designed for kids. Cool right!

There’s Nothing SECRET in our Ingredients Either, See For Yourself!

Click our label below, all the ingredients are simple, nothing complicated, no dictionary needed, no label disection required. Simple, organic fruit and vegetable blend,† plant-based protein, and healthy fats, plus a few other ingredients everyone needs to help support optimal nutrition.

Daily Sunshine Chocolate Flavor

Chocolate Flavor

(Smooth & Creamy)
Nutrition Information

Daily Sunshine Strawberry Banana Flavor

Strawberry Banana

(Fruity & Sweet)
Nutrition Information

Daily Sunshine is so fast, simple, and easy to mix. The kids can have a quick snack that’s actually healthy for them!

-Quotes from MOMs

My daughter likes Daily Sunshine, and it can be dif cult to get her to eat or drink anything healthy.

-Quotes from MOMs

I like the idea of giving the kids healthy shakes, and Daily Sunshine is easy for them to prepare.

-Quotes from MOMs

I really like Daily Sunshine! It has more of a chocolaty taste than a healthy shake taste.

-Quotes from KIDs

Daily Sunshine is super good. I would totally drink one every day!

-Quotes from KIDs

I think Daily Sunshine tastes so good that it exploded my head! I really liked it.

-Quotes from KIDs

Now you finally have a way to help your kids stay healthy and strong!

If you’re anything like me, you want your kids to be healthy and strong. You want them to feel their best and be healthy too. Most importantly, you want to feel like you are giving them the very best chance to be HEALTHY. With two flavors and a money back guarantee, why not make your order today!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
We guarantee even the pickiest eaters will love Daily Sunshine. Try it for the next 30 days. If you don’t love it, simply call Customer Service within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price, less s&h—even if your bag is totally empty!

*Concentrated powder equivalent to 1 full serving of fruits and vegetables, ⅝ serving of fruit ((Chocolate – 4.45 g dried apple, strawberry, and blueberry powders) (Strawberry Banana – 4.5 g dried apple, strawberry, banana, and blueberry powders)) and ⅜ serving of veggies (1.95 g dried sweet potato and spinach powders) per smoothie. Each 28 g serving (1 scoop) provides the equivalent of ½ cup fruits and vegetables (volume before drying).

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