Don't Exercise for the Rest of Your Life!

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People always ask me, “How long are you going to do this?” (They are referring to my “obsession” with fitness).

I always answer, “I don’t know, until I get tired of it.”

And I must admit, I think this kind of attitude is what keeps me going every day. You see, I don’t think about exercising every day for the rest of my life. I don’t think about eating a “xx” number of calories per day, or a specific amount of protein or carbs everyday. Why overwhelm yourself thinking about forever?

I just know that on July 23rd, I start Body Beast for 12 weeks. Nothing else matters! Before that, I was focused on 12 weeks of Les Mills Pump. Before that I was focused on 12 weeks of P90X2. Before that I was focused on 12 weeks of Insanity Asylum. WOW!! Look at that, that’s a whole year of fitness! I can go on and on. I can trace back my steps to 2006. That’s when I started Power 90 (a beginner fitness program).  After being fat, lazy, and a BUM, I decided right then and there that for once in my life, I was taking control. I was going to do 12 weeks of Power 90 NO MATTER WHAT. I even told myself that after 90 days, I’d go back to being lazy again. lol. But as the lbs dropped, as I got stronger, as I felt better, as I started to get some self confidence, as I developed a HABIT of exercise and eating right, that first 12 weeks has been followed by another 12 weeks ever since!

I don’t care about what happens after 12 weeks of Body Beast yet, because I’m not there yet! One program at a time, and I will continue that concept until “I get tired of it”. But in the last couple weeks of every program, I take a moment and say now what? What’s next? I pick a program. (sometimes I repeat the same program again).  I never give myself more than one week of rest and recovery. Then my new plans are put in motion, and a new 12 weeks starts.

Don’t exercise for the rest of your life!

Just give it everything you have for 12 weeks. Absolutely everything, not a little… no ups and downs…. on again off agains… Everything. Because that’s when you get results.

But there is still ONE giant obstacle that can stop you, or slow you down.

It’s YOU .

So what are you doing for the next 12 weeks? If you develop that concept, it might just turn into “the rest of your life”. And the rest of your life can be LONGER, BETTER, and HAPPIER just because you started with 12 weeks.

Think about it…. then go for it!

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