Don’t Forget Mother’s Day! Gift Ideas!

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I love my Mom, but she is so hard to buy for sometimes!  I ask her is there is anything at all that she wants, but she always says “not anything I can think of.”  Gee, thanks for the help, Mom.  I found this in the latest BeachBody newsletter by Joe Wilkes.  It may not have all the answers for your gift questions, but maybe it will steer you in the right direction!

9 Healthy Gift Ideas for Mom
By Joe Wilkes

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the pressure’s on to find a great present for a great woman who has cared for you, taught you right from wrong, and provided you with many interest-free loans over the years. Flowers are a favorite, but they wither and die quickly—not exactly a lasting gift. You could get chocolates or candy, because there’s nothing like the gift that says, “Mom, here’s my contribution to your adult-onset diabetes!” Or, you could look for a gift that tells your mother you love her and want her to be around for a long time to come.

  • Gift certificates. Does Mom have a favorite hobby? Keep in mind 355_giftcard_165that a hobby is something she enjoys—not something she does all the time. If she loves to watch the Food Network and subscribes to Gourmet magazine, a gift certificate to Sur La Table® or Williams-Sonoma® would be a great idea. If she cooks meals for the family while cursing and muttering vague threats of ground glass under her breath, the kitchen store gift certificate may be akin to buying the maid a new mop for Christmas. Find something she likes, or if you’re completely unsure, you can get her a Visa gift certificate she can spend anywhere. But for extra points, incorporate the gift certificate into a day of retail therapy that you spend with her.
  • DVD workouts. Come on, you didn’t think we’d leave out the obvious great Mother’s 355_tj_165Day present? Whatever your mom’s fitness level or interest, there’s a Beachbody fitness program that’s right for her. Maybe she wants to get her mantra on with Yoga Booty Ballet Pure & Simple Yoga. Or maybe she’d like to kick up her heels with Turbo Jam. Or maybe she even wants to get ripped to shreds with P90X. Investing in your mom’s physical fitness is a great way to show you care about her long-term health. And if you commit to doing the videos with her, you’ll be the best kid ever! Even if you don’t live in the same town, you can still make dates to work out together. Putting your mom on the road to a healthier lifestyle is one of the best gifts.
  • Phone cards. Prepaid long-distance cards make great presents, especially if your mom’s a long-distance phone call away. This shows your mom that you value conversation with her and want to keep her involved in your life, even if it’s not possible to live in the same town. Other variations on the gift of gab would be to upgrade her cell phone plan so she has more minutes to talk to you, or add a line to your family plan especially for her. These are all good ways to get Mom’s words of wisdom on the go.
  • Clean the house. Or if you aren’t inclined toward domestic chores, 355_cleanhouse_165you can hire a maid service to give Mom a week off. This may involve some strategizing with Dad or consulting with Mom beforehand, as this could backfire if the maid shows up for an 8 AM surprise the day Mom decides to sleep in. This also depends on your mom’s personality. If she’s someone who likes things “just so,” having a stranger come in to “mess things up” might be more stress than treat. Also, I remember from my childhood that nothing strained my relationship with my mother more than my poor quality control regarding household chores. If you’re going to clean the house, and she has to re-clean it, it’s not much of a present.
  • Cook a healthy dinner. Preferably at your place, where you can 355_healthydinner_165wait on her hand and foot. Cook her favorites or try to introduce her to some healthy new foods. This isn’t a good present if you’re a lousy cook or an easily stressed host. Try choosing dishes that can be prepared in advance so that you’re not spending the evening in the kitchen while Mom’s cooling her heels in the living room. The idea behind any Mother’s Day present should be about spending time together. If you get stuck in the kitchen preparing the big meal, set your mom up somewhere in the kitchen with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. This way you can chat while preparing dinner. And do NOT let her help clean up.
  • Spa treatment or massage. After all she does for everyone, 355_footspa_165doesn’t Mom deserve a day of pampering and beauty—or at least an hour? Most day spas offer a range of services, from a simple manicure or facial to a full-body makeover. There should be something for any budget. If money’s no object, you could even make it a full-blown weekend at a spa. And of course, it’s even better if you accompany her to the treatment. If you’re strapped for cash or don’t live someplace that is spa-adjacent, make your own spa day at home. Give yourselves facials, rent some movies, make some healthy salads and smoothies, put on some Enya, and just bliss out with Mom.
  • Make your own gift basket. Unless Harry and David are your 355_activit_165brothers, no one knows what your mom likes better than you do. You can pick up a wicker basket at your local World Market® or Pier 1 Imports® and fill it with goodies you know your mom likes. Fresh fruits are great. Or her favorite beauty products, like hand creams or perfume. Scented candles or artisanal soaps are also great non-candy additions. You can also check out Beachbody for some good ideas, like ActiVit Multivitamins. Remember when your mom told you to take your vitamins every morning? Now you can return the favor. Beachbody’s Joint Support Super Formula is another great supplement to throw in your gift basket, as is Total Health Women’s Formula. Or maybe some fitness gear products like Weighted Gloves to go with that Turbo Jam or some new yoga gear to accompany Yoga Booty Ballet Pure & Simple Yoga. Whatever you put in the basket, make it something you know your mother will like. The real gift is the thoughtfulness that goes into putting it together.
  • The gift of music. In writing this article, I asked my mom, of the355_musicmix_165 gifts I’d given her over the years, what she enjoyed most. While I’m sure there is a soft spot for the macaroni-and-glitter projects of my early years, her favorites were mix CDs that I gave her when I was in college and too broke to get her anything store-bought. But I was able to put together a couple of CDs of songs that I knew she would like, and she appreciated the customized music and finding out about new artists. Later in life, when I was less of a burden on society, I would get her concert tickets. And when possible, I made the concert part of an evening we could spend together.
  • Time and thoughtfulness. After I asked my mom about her favorite gifts, I asked 355_motherson_165what she thought were the best presents that any mother could get for Mother’s Day, keeping my fingers crossed that the answer wasn’t jewelry. She told me that the thing that any mother wants is to spend time with her thoughtful child. And while that’s hard to wrap, it’s a present you can give your mom all year long. Let’s face it, your mom’s got a basement full of misbegotten gift ideas you’ve come up with over the years. And while you should get her something tangible for Mother’s Day, just so your brother doesn’t make you look like a jerk, the most important component of that gift should be that you give of yourself, not just of your wallet.

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