Focus T25 Review: Ab Intervals (Alpha Phase)

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Focus T25 Review Ab Intervals

Focus T25 Review: Ab Intervals (Alpha Phase).

This Focus T25 Review is for Ab Intervals.  As previously stated in my last Focus T25 Review, this review series is going to modeled after the Focus T25 program… short but EFFECTIVE.  Gone are the days of 60+ minute marathon cardio sessions, and gone are the days of my long….detailed reviews.  I’ve reviewed many of the Beachbody workouts, and you can actually check out all of my workout reviews here.  Some of them were very detailed and in depth.  It took quite some time putting them together, and took you (the reader) some time to get through them. While I am very proud of those reviews, I have decided this review series will be different, saving ME time and YOU time. Quick…easy….effective reviews.  So…  Let’s get to it.

I actually completed this workout after completing a Body Beast Shoulders workout.  Which will be just fine, as there are several days in the T25 program, where you combine Ab Intervals with another T25 workout.  Let me clarify that…. T25 is quoted to be 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week program…. however, Friday is called “Double Day Friday”.  On Fridays only, you have two workouts scheduled, several of those days you combine Abs with another workout.  It does state on the calendar that if you do not have time for two workouts on Friday, move one of those workouts to Saturday.

If you’re wondering if I am combining Beast and T25, thats a possibility later down the road.  The reason I did both today was a simple one.  I start a full round of Focus T25 with my challenge group this coming Monday.  Until then, I am sampling the workouts only.

Equipment Needed for the Focus T25 Ab Intervals workout:

The only thing you need is an exercise mat, or a comfortable place to do abs.

What I enjoyed about Focus T25 Ab Intervals:

You may be thinking that you are in for a 25 minute “beating” on your abs, that’s what I thought too.  But I was incorrect.  This workout starts off with some light stretches, plank, downward dog, and then some light core work.  From there, you move into some core/ab exercises, followed by an approximate minute “blast” of cardio.

This is a fairly new concept to me, and  I LIKE it.  So after you get a good burn started on your abs, you stand up… and for about a minute you do a cardio move.  I love this! For a single minute, you get to take your mind off those burning abs…then after an approximate minute, you return once again to your core/abs.  By my calculation, there were about 7 cardio moves, with core/ab exercise in between.  Towards the end of the workout you also do some exercises to strengthen your back (think superman).

And that’s it, sounds easy right?!? 🙂 

If you are a Focus T25 Beginner:

Watch Tania. If you’re not familiar with Shaun’s workouts, or who Tania is…. she’s on the right side of the screen as you are looking at your TV, wearing a black/gray sports bra with black shorts, and black hair.  Tania is performing all of the exercises (both cardio and core/ab moves) in a modified fashion.  I even took her up on some modified ab moves. lol.  As you progress through the program, try to follow Tania less and less as your core gets stronger and stronger.

If you are a Insanity/Asylum graduate:

I recommend not modifying this workout or attempting to make it more difficult first time out.  See how you do following Shaun and the “non-modified” version of these exercises.  Then decide if you feel like more intensity is needed.  If at some point you feel more is required, then try making it more challenging.

Last thing about Focus T25 Ab Intervals:

Don’t give up on this workout.  You’re going to feel your abs burn, you’re going to feel challenged.  And its ok to take a break, just don’t stop.  Take a break and get right back into the workout!

Bonus tips and tricks to get the most out of Focus T25:

Customers of have the option to join my exclusive “secret” Facebook Challenge group.  What do you need do to join?  Either buy Focus T25 at the link below, or if you have T25 already, become a customer… visit the store, buy some Shakeology…. you need this stuff anyway. Or whatever else you need… support is free for customers.  If I don’t put this stipulation in place, then I end up having 100’s of emails asking for free support.  It’s not asking too much right?  You need the program anyway…and I am a authorized retailer for the program.  So you might as well get free support too.  🙂  Oh… you also get a free workout DVD from me as well.  🙂  And….. if you already have T25, Nutrition is 75-80% of RESULTS, and thats why I recommend Shakeology.  Use it to replace one meal a day.

As a side note, you only need to buy the product once, the T25 Challenge group does not have hidden fees, or sales pitches…. its about helping you get results PERIOD! Visit this page and ask for an invite to the T25 Challenge group after you buy T25 of another product from the store.

That’s it for this Focus T25 Review. See you next time!

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