Focus T25 Review: Rip’T Circuit and Speed 2.0 (Beta Phase)

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Focus T25 Review: Rip'T Circuit and Speed 2.0Focus T25 Review: Rip’T Circuit and Speed 2.0 (Beta Phase).

This Focus T25 Review is for both Rip’T Circuit and Speed 2.0.  Both of these are Beta workouts, but very different by design.  Beta phase overall picks up the pace, which is a good thing.  Work harder and get faster results.  These are two great workouts, and you’ll see my thoughts on both below.  As with all of the T25 workouts, I recommend a quick 5 minute warm-up prior to starting any of the workouts.

Equipment Needed for the Focus T25 Speed 2.0 workout:


Equipment Needed for the Focus T25 Rip’T Circuit workout:

A Resistance Band Or Dumbbells

What I enjoyed about Focus T25 Speed 2.0:

There are three big takeaways from this workout.

1. This is definitely NOT Speed 1.0.
2. You know its about to get serious when Shaun T walks out with no shirt on!
3. I highly recommend you warmup and stretch before you push play.

From the moment you push play, you know that this workout has definitely changed gears from Speed 1.0. For starters, there are no stretch moves in between cardio drills. So be prepared to put in WORK for 25 minutes. It may take you a few times to really nail the moves and transitions in this workout, but when you do, say GOODBYE to mega calories. And isn’t that what Focus T25 is all about? Burning mega calories in a shorter timespan is what we want! Lets work HARD for 25 minutes, burn the same amount of calories as a 45 – 60 minute workout, and then we can get on with our busy lives! I LOVE IT!

What I enjoyed about Focus T25 Rip’T Circuit:

Rip’T Circuit is a complete total body workout.  You basically repeat cardio, upper body, lower body, and then abs. It may take you a couple workouts to really get the hang of this workout, weight or tension you are capable of, the movements etc.  But once you get the feel of this workout, its a great 25 minute total body work-over. 😉 While you don’t see the cast changing weights during this workout, it doesn’t mean you can’t.  I pause the DVD and change weights as needed, I feel you get a better workout since you are obviously stronger in some areas over others.

If you are a Insanity/Asylum graduate:

Make sure you are changing your weights during Rip’T Circuit.  Don’t allow yourself to skate by with one set of weights for the entire workout. Pause the DVD, change it up, and then jump back in.  If you feel like making a comment or have other ideas, I’d love to hear them. Comment below 🙂  As for Speed 2.0, give it everything you got for 25 minutes!

Last thing about Focus T25 Rip’T Circuit and Speed 2.0:

This is the BETA round, you’ve completed 5 weeks of Alpha, so now Let’s Goooooooooo! Time to push yourself, time to work. Lock in your nutrition, and get the results you deserve. How are you doing? Comment and let me know below!.

Get the absolute MOST from your Focus T25 workout:

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That’s it for this Focus T25 Review. See you next time!

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